On The Road Again

Because we lost a day from moseying around yesterday, we had ended up about four hours down the highway, but stopped at another hotel, still in Missouri.

My brother gets off of school on Wednesday, so we don’t have any more extra time to mess around.

We drove about eight hours today, but I got some cool pictures in. I’d definitely want to stop by St Louis next time. It’s gorgeous. There are all these cathedral looking houses and I got a few drive-by pictures. Also a picture of the arch.



Then it was on to Illinois, where I found THE best country station, immediately forgot what it was, but rocked out and sang along until it fuzzed to static.

We had lunch at a Panda Express in Effigham, Illinois, where I had the spiciest orange chicken I’ve ever tasted, gulped down a cup of raspberry tea, then were back on the road.

We must’ve missed the welcome sign for Illinois, so we made sure that didn’t happen for Indiana when we passed through.


Here’s their thriving metropolis.

Not soon after the Panda express stop, we were all tearing at the eyes for a potty break, parked at a McDonalds, and desperately stampeded straight for the restrooms. We emerged happier and better human beings.



I enjoyed the sights of all the little houses with red barns, peppering the countryside. Most of the time it seemed like the barn was bigger than the house! I felt like a total city girl (though I’m not, the irony) for finding such fascination in the little farms.

We were heading towards Ohio, so our next task was to find a hotel for the night. At one exit, somewhere between Springfield and Columbus, we stopped at a Hampton Inn, Comfort Suites, and Red Roof Inn only to find that the prices were way too high. We’ve found that the hotel prices have risen to about %100 since our first hotel in Arizona.

My mom’s motto has always been “if I pay that much, I better get it nice.” She called a hotel service and we were sent farther down the highway to a hotel with a pool and jacuzzi. Oh yeah.

Oh. And the pool is heated. It was very nice. X-)

We covered a lot of ground today, so it always feels good to relax in a spa, shower, then snuggle into a nice hotel room. And eat. My next step is eating.

Sweet dreams everyone. Hope Spring Forward didn’t bring out the worst in you.

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