Here’s a test: can you spell Albuquerque?? Look at your neighbor and challenge them now. . . Challenge yourself.

Makes you think. Yeah.

I found this out when I texted my dad: “We’re in Albuquircue.”

He replied: “Seems like I’m not the only one who can’t spell Albuqurqeu.”

So I thought I’d share this intelligence test with the world. How intelligent are you?

I give myself a B+ for creativity.

This morning we got up at the crack of dawn (7am Cali time), packed things up, then walked over to Dunkin’ Donuts a block down. I have actually never been there. Reminds me a little of work – or, what was work.. – and we got a five dollar box of six donuts, milk, and I got a steaming hot chocolate.

My mom has a very good system regarding food, clothes, and finances. For food we get a five dollar allowance each meal, or forty-five dollars a day for the three of us, so we did well with about seven dollars for breakfast.

We also split donuts in half so we were able to sample a few of the different ones in our box without getting totally fat. I tried the Boston Creme, Maple, Glazed, and a piece of the Mint Oreo my brother picked out on impulse. In my opinion, you have to be in a certain state of mind and emotion to enjoy a Mint Oreo donut.

After loading the van, it was so-long to America’s Best Inn in Flagstaff, AZ.


Quick hotel review: no it was not “America’s Best.” I hate bashing on things, but I’m afraid that some poor foreigner is going to find themselves staring up at this sign and be fooled into thinking this is seriously the best we, as a country, have to offer. It’s a pretty bold undertaking to call  yourself “the best” to begin with, let alone best in the nation.

IMG_0097I won’t bash on it totally – just the name, because the price was right (I believe my mom is going for around $30), it was warm, and there was a mini fridge, microwave, and coffee maker available. Just get past the droplet stains of who-knows-what on the duvet, bathroom door that doesn’t lock (it’ll stay closed after a nice shove, though), and what my mom was convinced was blood on the door frame, totally the four seasons!

Actually, it’s the best of America. .

On our way to Albuquerque, we stopped at McDonald’s for an uber healthy lunch, and where I first noticed the horizontal stop lights.


We don’t have these in California. Is there a reason behind it?

Other differences between Californians and Arizona/New Mexico-ians is on the road. If there’s someone parked at the shoulder, drivers will move to the next lane and give them plenty of space.

We saw the patterns early on, and it seems to be a regular practice. I’m not sure if it’s the law. But at one point, we were expecting the truck to move over, and it didn’t. I checked the license plate as we passed and laughed out loud, “he’s from California, that’s why!”

Californians and their driving. . . the cliches are true.

Once at our next hotel, we asked the receptionist about places to be and were directed to “Old Town Albuquerque,” which sounded rustic and fun, unloaded our stuff, and headed out again.


The receptionist said, “turn right, then left.” We attempted to follow her directions, and did see several various types of signs depicting “Old Town,” but nothing rustic. No cute little cobblestone shops in a row. No handcrafted knickknacks or old fashioned candy stores.

It was kind of just the ghetto.

I was saying we should have Subway for dinner, and my mom spotted a Subway, by a 31 Flavors, AND the first thrift store I’ve seen on this trip, so I was sold into going inside. Thrift store first.

IMG_20140304_164211Slowly we parked, then stayed in the locked car a few minutes longer, debating whether we should go in or not. Well. My mom and little brother debated – while I pulled my jacket on and grabbed my purse, turning to them, “ready?”

We moseyed in, and I was instantly put at ease. Every thrift store has the same feel and old-things smell. They’re all the same. It’s something nice you can count on.

Things were pretty expensive there, but I misunderstood a sign that meant $79.00 for the stand, to mean 79c a piece of jewelry. I dug and detangled a pretty gold bangle from the pile, tried it on, and fell in love before I realized my confusion. So I asked the guy who had been eyeballing me the whole time I was tinkering through the jewelry how much the bangle was.

He took it from me like it was a priceless artifact, “let me ask my son.”

I followed him as he walked the bangle over to a man who had dropped himself into a desk behind the counter and was now inspecting the bangle. “A dollar,” he told him.

“A dollar,” the father said to me, handing back the bracelet.

I still can’t believe what came out of my mouth, “will you do 75 cents?”

This has to be the first time I’ve ever tried to haggle anything. I think the $79 mix up had my brain programmed into spending 75 cents.

Long story short, he gave it to me. He just smiled and said it’s their gift to me. I was stunned. I probably should’ve felt ecstatic but I felt even cheaper and embarrassed that he gave it, than I would’ve for haggling a whole quarter off the deal.

Maybe it’s my pride.

Or maybe I am just a cheapo.

The possibilities in life.

Anyway, I am super happy now that I have it. I think it’s really cool.


After thrifting, we were promptly creeped out from being where we were, skipped out on Subway and 31 Flavors, since my mom was sure there had to be a Subway in a safer neighborhood, maybe in UPtown, she joked. But sure enough, we found Uptown Albuquerque!


PS. Took all of my sleuthing skills to figure this out, but “ABQ” stands for Albuquerque, go figure.

We walked the shops there and went to a Target with an escalator, where we maybe had too much fun with the easter merchandise.



Then had Subway for dinner before heading back to the hotel, where we were sure to hit the little “workout center” of our hotel before bunking in for the night.


When you’re on your bum for more or less the whole day, it’s always good to keep the muscles going and strong – my travel tip of the day.

Now. I need a shower. .

Tomorrow: Northern Texas!

P.S. If you have any recommend travel spots, please be sure to comment down below, I would really appreciate it!

3 thoughts on “Albuquerque!

  1. Catching up on your trip. I loved Albuquerque, although I still can’t spell it. You should have taken a hot air balloon ride. It is the ballooning capital of the world after all.


  2. Next time u pass through, go to the CrackerBarrel in abq. i’ve been there. Or if u can on the way back, check out NMMI in Rosewell and theres even a free zoo you guys can visit. =)


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