Valentine Schmalentine

Three years ago, I wrote a post on my very first blog called “Valentine Schmalentine”. I’m so incredibly in love (no pun intended) with this post that I want to share it again.

Instead of copying and pasting it, I’ll send you straight to the blog. Ahh the memories.

The funny thing is, to this day, my opinion hasn’t changed (though, I did spot typos. Hm.). And even though I’m single, I’ve always loved Valentines day. I guess I’m a romantic.

And hey, if you don’t have a Valentine, I’ll be your Valentine. Yup, even though I don’t know you. We’ll exchange rolls of sweet tarts that are taped to little cards that have cats printed on them. And the cards will read: “You’re my puuuurrrrfect Valentine,” with a HEART I drew personally. You’re never alone!

I hope the blog post makes you smile, or laugh, or, at the least, help you feel better on your Valentines day if things are going rough.

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