Pin-up Photo Shoot

With February comes love, chocolate . . and Julie’s birthday. She’s been wanting to go to Victoria Gardens or Ontario Mills and try on ball gowns and pose with them, and the ideas and birthday options continued to evolve, until she found the perfect idea: A pin-up photo shoot.Julie loves pin-up styles. It just worked.

The original plan was to go to an old fashioned diner and take pictures there. But there were paperwork issues and all this stuff, so we ended up going to a park nearby. I think it worked just as well.

Without further ado, here are the pics, starting, of course, with the birthday girl.

Julie enlisted the help of her friends Jacob and Courtney (a couple so close knit, their names are practically one word. In an adorable way). And, let me tell you, the three of them thought of everything. From the vintage books. .

To bubbles. . .

Glitter. . .

Even coke bottles.

We had too much fun with the randomness of the books. As we were supposed to be “pretending” to read them, our eyes couldn’t help but catch on a few things, then we would have to share them with the group.

By the way . .

It was cold. . Very, very cold. . .

We got a lot of group shots.

Yeah I can’t do kissy faces. .

Then individual shots.

Of the gorgeous Abby, with her thick cascading curls. They remind me of princess Aurora.

Her illustrious sister, Allie.

Bubbly fun, Courtney.

Beautiful Stephanie.

You guys know me. .
And, of course, the lovely Julie.
So glamorous.
Sister shot
It was a fun day.
I’m sure you’ve realized there were a TON of pictures. So a quick shout out to our uber patient and ever creative photographer, Jacob.
Then, to wrap up our day, we changed into our SECOND outfits and headed over to the bowling alley, glitter still in our hair.
Where we promptly crashed after one game. .
Haha happy birthday Julie!!
On this and many birthdays to come. =-)

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