Captain America Shirts

For Christmas, my friend Chris got me a Captain America tank top. Our friendship kind of started with our Captain America fan-ing.I like him [Captain A] because he’s old fashioned (and blond). And Chris likes him because Chris has a gentleman complex and wants to be like him. (I might get pinched for saying that, later. But, Chris, what would Captain America do? X-P)

Anyway, we finally picked a day to hang out and decided we should wear our Captain America swag. (In case you don’t remember from Halloween, Chris also has a Captain America jacket.) I picked an outdoor shopping center, and after chatting it up at Starbucks – and popping into a random Korean Cuisine place because I needed to use the bathroom – we walked to Target first.

My beloved leather jacket is finally falling apart. All my TLC and clear nail polish hasn’t been able to keep the cracks and peelings from happening. So I was distracted and drug Chris into the women’s section to try on a leather jacket that was the same color as mine. I was looking at us in the mirror when I realized we hadn’t taken a picture together. And that’s where it all started.

Let’s take a picture! You hold the camera since your arms are longer.”

Chris proceeded to “attempt” (like all boys who seem to do a bad job just so they get the job taken away) to take our picture, whilst talking. .

Making faces. .

And ultimately being fired. . .

There goes my hand, to snatch it back. . Sadly, my favorite picture ended up coming out fuzzy anyway.

However, I was struck with a brilliant idea. I wanted to go in every store of the Shopping Center, along the little route I planned (the route ending at Ulta Beauty for a pair of nail clippers), and take a picture in each store.

Pressure was on.

Next store we went in was the 99c Store, where I ended up buying clear, tiny elastic bands for my hair, and forgot to take a picture, so Chris said we just won’t take pictures in the store I actually buy things in. Yeah, excuses already.

Next was Burlington. I had actually never been in a Burlington before, but it turns out to be a very uninspiring store with really great color coordination.We wandered into the hat section, where I tried on the biggest hat I could find, to be funny, and plopped this ugly bowl hat on Chris. He didn’t take it off, so it was definitely picture time.

I also took this lovely short.

[Sorry, somehow when I imported this post from my old blog, I lost the video.]

Yup I’m that much closer to a million subscribers on Youtube. .

We went to Payless, where I tried on some sandals, but wasn’t totally impressed with them. I also have this insecurity about my feet/toes. That’s a weird fact about me.

Kirkland’s was next, which looked uber boring, since I lack both a house, money, and willpower to want to buy any of that stuff. So I took a picture of Chris pointing out where everything was. He kind of looks like he’s parting the red sea.

Dress Barn is build in a U shape, so we went in one side and just walked the three yards of space all the way back around to the front again. While looking for a good place for a picture, we noticed a huge “CLEARANCE” banner and stood in front of it. Chris had to lean over so I could get “CLEARANCE” in the picture, though.

Our second to last stop was in Rue 21, where I didn’t expect to buy nail polish, but I found a really cool yellow with blue particles one and a glitter/”Graffiti” top coat. Two for five dollars, and I needed to have them.

Finally we made it to Ulta, where I looked for a straight nail clipper, but couldn’t find one, which shocked me, since I was in Ulta Beauty, and they’re supposed to have everything. Though, in the same isle we did find a picture of Kate Hudson, and although she’s beautiful, she was making a face we just couldn’t resist.

This was just a silly friend day, but I want to encourage you. Go out and do something silly like this. Take pictures and document. Friends are something to be thankful for.

I was a little too excited to be twins in our Captain America shirts, I kept expecting someone to mention it (or kick us out of the store for causing a ruckus), but no one did, until we were crossing an intersection to head back to my car.

There was a crackle of a speaker phone, then: “I like your jacket.”

We heard it but didn’t know where it came from, then I spotted a man in his SUV with a little black box to his mouth.

That’s pretty awesome.

We cheered and gave him a thumbs up, then I realized I was wearing my jacket and scrambled to unzip it and show him we matched, but it was too late. I sighed.

Well, at least someone mentioned it, sorta.

Still a good day!

6 thoughts on “Captain America Shirts

  1. *pinches you* That's what he would do! Haha xP

    Seriously though, had so much fun that day! We need to do stuff like that more often =)

    Maybe we'll get kicked out of somewhere next time ^_~ haha



  2. You're welcome! =P

    I wonder if they would let us vlogg about it '-' You know, let us make a recording of getting kicked out xD



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