Dress Search!! For the Military Ball.

I’ve been dying to blog about the military ball I went to with my brother. But first, every dress. . . has a story.Mine. . . started at Goodwill.

I . . . will stop with the dot-dot-dot now. (Lol)

I had to go to work in the evening, so I got dressed one morning, grabbed my mom, and after a quick stop at the bank to deposit my first paycheck (whoop whoop!) we scooted on over to Goodwill.

And she helped me pick out that gorgeous emerald green, floor length dress above. She found it. It still had a tag. She thought it was very elegant for a ball. So I had to try it on.

I didn’t like it. I’ll be honest. But it appeased mom. X-) It was also way too big and long for my short little legs so I continued on.

But first. .

Look! It’s an orange version of my prom dress!! I got very excited.

I tried on this black, kind of lacy, halter dress, but as you can tell, it was way too low for me (way too low for probably anyone, really) but it was nice and fit pretty well. I put it aside.

Next was this velvety black with lace sleeves. I do like lace. . It looked more form fitting on the hanger though, and when I turned around I found. . .

In the words of my mother, “you better take that off right now, we don’t want to know what that is.”

Hey. Shopping at thrift stores is a gamble.

Military ball aside, I did fall in love with this gray sailor dress. So I took a few pictures.

This one shows the length. Woah, I lost an arm. Ha.

This one was very interesting. It has one sleeve, and my mother said, “do NOT wear that to the ball.” But I still wanted to try it on. I’ve never done a one sleeve.

It only looked decent from that one angle of me kind of twisting my body around. Very unlikely that I’d be in that position all through the ball anyway, but I decided to call this dress the shipwrecked dress.

Reminds me of little mermaid.


How cool is this?? It’s very much not a dress, but was in the dress section. It looks like a forties swim suit!! I was in love. I probably would’ve bought it if the back wasn’t flopping out and sagging and showing the world what it didn’t need to see.

But I did enjoy taking pictures with it.

I feel like I was born in the wrong era sometimes. .

My second to last dress was this ombre gray-to-black dress that only looked good on me if I poked my hip to the side and slanted over.

Otherwise, it just looked like a sheet. .

And finally.

I think this is really cute. And I love me some dark floral print, but it was way too short for me, I actually pondered slightly if it was a shirt. It’s also a bit plunging. But anyway.

I don’t think it’ll be that big of a shocker that I went with the lacy halter top. Yeah, the plunging one. X-D

I then made preparations to go to the mall and buy a black tube top to wear under, so don’t get excited.

This is what I found for under at V Generation. I kind of liked the little bunching in the middle so it didn’t look like straight black cloth under. I don’t think it looks totally like a “modest girl’s awkward clothing fix”, do you?

And it had padding built in. Oolala.

Haha. So yeah. I felt very accomplished to have set out to find a dress, and did find one. At one Goodwill. At one location. In, probably, three hours tops (because I take a long time to decide, and I browsed the rest of the store while there).

In other news, I’m still miserably sick. But I hope you guys are having a wonderful New Years! Wow, I can’t believe it’s still the first. Today’s been a long day. In a good way. =-)

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