I Am Thankful

Last week was Thanksgiving, and it’s taken me a week to say so. But here’s what I’m thankful for.


Two weeks ago, on Wednesday (the day after I babysat, I think), I went to my weekly Bible Study Fellowship. One of my mom’s friends was the one who was trying to get me hired at the bakery way back when, but that didn’t happen. Anyway, she sat in front of us and once it was over, turned around and said hi and asked how the job hunt was going.

I had gone to Ross and ULTA Beauty the week before (and, on a side note, totally freaked everyone out since I was dressed so professional and asking to speak to managers. They must’ve thought they were being audited or something. The Ross manager even came out followed by a security guard. I felt like a national threat.), but told her they looked like no-goes, since all seasonal hiring is done now.

She reminded me of a coffee shop, really close to the bakery, that always seems to be hiring. She said her kids got their first jobs there, and suggested I’d check it out. Well, it just so happened that I was dressed appropriately (BSF is in the morning, I usually don’t put much effort. Bad, I know.). Juuuust so happened to have a resume. And we pass it on the way home anyway. It’s amazing I had the guts to go in, too.I went in, left my sad, purse-beat-up resume with a friendly blond and left. We were just pulling into our driveway when I got a call for an interview that evening at five.

It was the most awkward interview I’ve ever been in, to be honest. It was so casual, I was uncomfortable. They had me sit in a couch-chair, which is made for people to slouch comfortably in. Not sit upright, trying to look professional. It was also low to the ground, and I had my legs crossed, so my knee was up at my chest. It was also on rollers. So if I was talking and made too jerky of a movement, the chair would roll back, and I would have to do that butt-in-chair, scootch-scootch-scootch forward, move. Super smooth.

They said I’d be called Wednesday if I got the job.

Tuesday, I was out with my friend Jake, when I got a call. I didn’t recognize the number, but the area code was my area. It was the owner of the shop. She said she wanted to hire me!

Honestly, I didn’t think the words “I would like to hire you” existed.

I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I have a job. A place where I work. People are always saying “yeah, I work here/there”. Now I can say that too.

It’s just weird. In a cool way.

There is a lot to working in a coffee shop. Today was my third day. Me and another girl are getting trained together, so that’s cool that we can fail together. And I feel like all we do is scramble around with blank looks on our faces, except when we’re taking notes, though our trainers say we’re doing really well.

So far I’ve splashed red smoothie across the blue t-shirt they’ve given me. She was steaming milk, freaked out ’cause it was foaming too fast, tried to pull the milk pitcher away, and it looked like it exploded, since she didn’t turn the steamer off before pulling away (Her face!). I squirted mocha straight across the counter today, while my trainer – mid-sentence – was telling me to be careful because, “the mochas really liquid–” SQUUIRT. She spilled coffee beans everywhere, trying to fill a measuring cup. And we’ve both burned ourselves, trying to clean the espresso machine.

It’s been an adventure. And I’m just trying to understand it all as quickly as possible before I start my first shift alone next week. I’m nervous about training ending on Friday.

But it’s pretty exciting! And I have a feeling I’ll have a lot to be writing about. My trainer was saying that after a while, I should have a regular work schedule, which is super nice. I’ll be able to better schedule writing time, once it all gets settled. =-)

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