Late Halloween Post!

I don’t know how Halloween completely left my mind. I’m sorry about that. But here I am, regardless, with a very late Halloween post!And some people’s favorite holiday is Halloween so hey, I may just be making someone’s day.

The Crew

I don’t know if any of you have been reading my blog this long, or have read past posts, but waay back when – my first post ever, actually – I wrote about my brothers’ and my Pokemon trio Harvest Festival Costumes, Oct 2011.
Ash, Misty, and Pikachu.

As you can tell, I’m a big fan of group costuming. This year, we thought of doing the Avengers, but in the end it came out to be a more “Hero” group. Group costuming nevertheless.


Very simple costume. A black suit with a Superman symbol T-shirt underneath, and a briefcase to hold candy.


All black. Sneakers. Black gloves. And white extension clips make this look.

The Hulk

Bought dark purple sweats at the thrift store and tore up the bottoms. Then took a green long sleeve, which my mom drew muscles on with sharpie and stuffed it with newspaper. She even sewed onto his undershirt at the shoulders and triceps to give more definition. The mask brings it all together.

Captain America

Captain America hoodie with shield. The shield he made by cutting a circle out of cardboard and wrapping a Captain America T-shirt around it, which he ducktaped in the back and made a handle.

Finally, mine was:

Black Widow

I wore basically all black, form-fitting, with combat boots and guns and tools strapped to me. My hair was the most challenging aspect, since I wanted to shorted it. (Yes, I know Black Widow had long hair too, but I wanted to copy the movie.)

My hair’s very long, and layered, so here’s just a quick couple pics on what I did, if you ever want to make your hair appear shorter, without chopping it off and having a crying session in the middle of the night because of it.

I started by teasing the heck out of the crown and sides to achieve the thickness Scarlet Johanson has.

I know this is a horrid pic. But it shows what you need to see. What I did was separate the top half of my hair, trying to get the shorter layers, and clipped them away on the top of my head. Then took the bottom half and put it in a pony tail, not at the nape of my neck, close to the scalp, but farther away from my scalp about half of the length down the lock of hair, and secured the elastic there. Then I tucked the ponytail under and secured it with bobby pins.

With the rest of the layers, I curled them as tight as possible, which also shortens, and pinned them up subtly if they were still too long. The very long curls I pinned under the tuck I created. It’s all to make your hair look like it’s cascading down curls, which stop at your neck, giving the illusion of a short cut.

The coloring kind of failed but I tried. I used. .

. . just because this is most literally the only red hair coloring I found. It’s the hardening hair gel stuff, and it came with two latex gloves, which ripped when my mom tried to put them on, and a plastic mascara brush thing. I kept asking my mom to put more and more because my hair wasn’t looking red enough.

My hair was very hard. The gel kind of weighed down my volume and curls. But it being red was very important to me, considering how much work it was to find the hair coloring haha. I didn’t achieve the red-red look I wanted, but it wasn’t so bad.

Side shot. With one unruly curl. . It did look redder than that, though.

But there you have it. Pretty simple costumes for the most part. Superman, Rogue, Hulk, Captain America, and Black Widow.

Sadly, no one knew who I was if I wasn’t standing next to Captain America and Hulk. One lady gasped when she saw me, and I was so pleased someone finally recognized my character.

“I know who you are!” She was slapping her thigh fast, trying to remember. “You’re that girl! The one from The Games!!”

. . .

Anyways. . It was a fun night.

Candid camera. .
Grooving to some music

I went home, took the bobby pins out, and felt kinda hipster with the red and curls.


Happy late Hallo– well, I call it Harvest Festival –everybody. X-)

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