Just DO It!

Who said this? Nike?

It’s so true. When it comes to life, and you don’t know what to do, chances are, you know what you should do. So what do you do then?

I lost you, didn’t I.

Last Sunday, my pastor was talking about “how do you live a life for Christ?” And it’s this easy: if you know what you should do, do it.

I’ve used this thinking all week (well, until Thursday, when my body decided to be deathly ill so all I did was sleep). On Monday, I woke up and got started on applications at 9am. I brushed my Palm Pilot out of the cobwebs and used it to schedule my whole day. Two applications before lunch. Then one after, then I was on an application-high and squeezed ANOTHER one in, then write the Bible study (I lead a ladies bible study every other week).

I felt so accomplished at the end of the day. I was also exhausted, because I ended up cutting my time to write the Bible study too short and was rushing. But I got stuff done.

I did it.

Just like the “letting tomorrow worry about itself” from last post. Just do – today, this hour, this minute – what you need to do today/this hour/this minute. It’ll keep you busy enough, don’t worry.

You’ll find yourself happier, more accomplished, and that much closer to your goals. My goal is a published novel and a job. What’s yours?

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