Five Dollar Bag!

Last Saturday, I went to – get this – Sacks ThriftAvenue in Hemet, CA. Isn’t that awesome? It made me “aww” aloud. I think it’s really clever.

I posted the pic of my wonderful five dollar bag on Instagram. But it seems like forever ago, doesn’t it?
We were in the area, and my dad had heard of this thrift store, somehow, and wanted to check it out, so we did. I didn’t plan on buying anything – like, at all.

Even when I saw the board, “Five dollar bag of clothes. Limit three pairs of jeans, two purses, two pairs of shoes, belts. $1 for the bag.” (This is from memory, so you know.Don’t rely too much on it.) Still, I wasn’t planning on buying anything. Honest to goodness.

I wandered into the book section, where I was stumped when I saw a sign that said “books 10c.” I didn’t believe it. It had to be a mistake. Maybe just paperbacks ten cents. Frankly, if it wasn’t for the – not one, not two, but – three different signs placed that said “books 10c,” I would’ve had to walk up to the register and ask for confirmation, a few times.
Sadly, here began my shopping splurge.

I started out smart. I checked my change bag. I had about a dollar fifty in there. Spending what’s in your change bag is a guilt-free buy in my opinion, so I was fine with that. I figured I could pick out whichever books I wanted.

I found five books, fifty cents. Then was wondering, because of how cheap the books were,  how much the clothes were. I had already wandered through the racks and found a casual black V neck sweater I liked, so I asked the lady. My dad also found a chunky sweater he wanted.
The organization kind of went over my head, though. So I can’t really explain. At first, she told my dad his sweater was $2, then because of something, she realized oh no, it’s $1. So I asked how much women’s blouses were and she said $2 or $3 I can’t remember. I kind of sighed. It was over my change-bag price range.
My dad must have heard something of the same sort, because he reminded me of the five dollar bag, and suggested how that might be the better value for me. This was all the motivation I needed.
Everything went black.

Just kidding. But I did suddenly find myself in possession of a small shopping cart. I told myself I was “just looking,” “just seeing if I can find enough cool clothes for the five dollar bag to be worth it.” This is me we’re talking about, though. . If I stare at something long enough, I will find ways to make it cool.Long story short, I left the store, in possession of my five, ten cent books, a huge plastic bag crammed to almost bursting with clothes (and three belts), and a guilty yet sheepishly pleased heart.

Now to show you what I bought. I quickly went home and put on a black cami, generic enough, to model all the clothes.

Starting with the black sweater.
Fell in love with this boho looking blazer
I know it takes a second for your eyes to adjust, but work with me on this blouse. It was too weird to pass up.
Cute purple floral cardigan.
Silky green blouse.
Light brown corduroy blazer
Old fashioned nightie
Cool orange wrap-around tanktop
White, floral stitch skirt
Fell in LOVE with these. Baggy floral print slacks/pants
Pink plaid skirt (w/pockets)
Vintage plaid dress/suit
Finally, a beautiful white dress with orange trim.

Some of what I got, I can agree, doesn’t look so great at first, while other articles are really really cool. Like I said, I’m in love with the pants, and the dresses.

I’ve decided to make outfits using each article of clothing as the inspiration, which I’ll be showing you in my upcoming blog posts. I really think there’ll be something for everyone in this five dollar bag. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

Comment below if you’d like to place a request on which piece of clothing to start with. It’s not very important, but it’s fun to request. X-) Or I’ll just pick at random.

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