My Personality Failed

I feel weird writing this post. But it really doesn’t make sense. I mean, I’ve already written about how I almost killed an instructor – which consequently led to failing my drivers test – and randomly vented yesterday about not liking to talk on the phone, which really had no point in the world of reality.

So it doesn’t make sense that I don’t want to write about this. I’ll just be out with it. You’re here to read about my journeys in life anyway. (I’m not sure you knew that, so surprise! now you do.)

I failed a personality test.

As in: My. Personality. Failed.

This is news to me. . . I mean. I have a failed personality. *eyes widen*

Back story: My friend, Cody, was trying to get me a job where he works. It was a total selfless act on his part. I told him how things didn’t work out with the bakery (she said she couldn’t afford me, which made me feel super important. But she also said she couldn’t hire me free because she didn’t have the insurance. It was a bummer.), so Cody mentioned how there will be an opening where he works. He’s one of those naturally nice-from-the-womb people, but he doesn’t know it. Soon, I was being introduced to his manager, and even given a tour of the shop.

The manager said she liked me, she gave me her cell number, soon the job was posted, and I applied. A few days later, Cody texted me and said the manager hadn’t gotten my application. He asked if I did the personality test. I thought it was a “did you forget to take the personality test?” question. Not “did you take the personality test?” I said yes, I took the personality test.

I’ll be honest. I was getting pretty Christian about this. It was God-sent. The job is literally down the street from where I live. The hours were nice, not that I would be doing full-time. But part-time seemed the perfect way to start a new job. I already had a friend there, so I wouldn’t be completely lost and alone. And it’s closed on Sundays, so I could go to church! It seemed perfect!

God obviously had His own plan. Because when I finally had the guts to call the manager about the missing application (I also got an e-mail saying I “won’t be further pursued for candidacy”), she told me how I failed the personality test.

Honestly, I never knew you could fail a personality test. It did have questions like “Do you ever just feel like breaking things?” or “Is stealing okay?” Obviously NO. So I have no idea where I went wrong, where my personality went wrong.

People always tell me I have a great personality. Charming. And funny! This is a big ego bruise.

The manager was super nice about it, though, and said she’s had a few people she wouldn’t mind hiring and would’ve been great employees, who failed the personality test. So I don’t understand this test-thing. .

Anyways. Back on the job market. . . With my now-failed personality.

One of my friends didn’t text me back for the longest time, and I actually thought “oh that’s it. They found out about my failed personality and don’t want to be associated with me anymore.”

I do think I owe it to you readers to know who you’re reading about. So there it is. Me, in all my failed glory.

But hey, Cody? Thank you for trying. I really do appreciate it. =-}

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