A Whole Lot Of Ugly

Julie, me, and our moms just got back from a Women’s Conference this past weekend with our church. We stayed in a hotel room, relaxed in the spa, and got a schedule for each day. And on that schedule for Friday was about a three hour time frame marked off for:- Relaxing
– Blah
– Blah
– And blah (No one lie, this is exactly how we ALL read it.)

So Julie and me being. . . Julie and me. It would’ve been unnatural for us not to go to a thrift store. .

Luckily, our trained eyes had already spotted a few on the way to the church.

I was pretty excited when I saw a sign, “blue tags 25c”. I thought, yes I’m getting a souvenir to remember the trip! 

. . And then I started to look around.

Julie, on the other hand, went diving into the dresses and skirts.

Standing behind it. Practically the same as trying it on.
Kinda like this one. .

Honestly, I was just trying to find a blue tag. I feel like they don’t exist. I never saw one.

While Julie was in dress heaven for a little bit, I found this. . .

And was suddenly inspired. I mean, this sweater is boringly horrific. And that’s saying something, coming from me. I was telling Julie the problem I sometimes have when shopping is that I can take something that I may not even like at first, see the potential, and make the best of it. When really, if I’m paying for it, I should like it at least a little.

Anyway, my purpose blossomed.

Oh I take it back! It all started with this “skirt”.

I thought, oh that’s cute. Then. .

Four words: I. Just. Don’t. Understand.

It was in the skirt section. It looked like a skirt. . .with sleeves?

We finally concluded that it must be some off-the-shoulder shirt. . . Or a. . I don’t even know. Haha, to this day I’m pretty stumped. Maybe an XXXL?

I find it unfortunate that some of the ugliest articles of clothing are sweaters. Why is this? Is it a 90’s thing? Did someone just decide one day “hey everyone, let’s treat a sweater like a pizza and put everything on it!” and the crowd bowed down to the genius of it all.

I’ll let your eyes rest with this one.

Now. .

Oh Lord Jesus please be with the tortured soul who had to wear this. . This is criminal. This is like putting a male dog in a fuzzy pink sweater. . I just hope that the person who wore this was a proud and sweet little old lady.

The next few articles almost look normal after those monstrosities.

This reminds me of a cartoon or comic strip. Very The Mask.

Get your tribal on. *smacks mouth, making Indian noises* Wooh-wooh-wooh.

FINALLY, I found something I liked!!

Group “aww” on three. One, two, three. Awwwwww.

This, I’m not gonna lie, I stared at a while. It is pretty cool. I guess SOME sweaters don’t look like someone threw up sequins and embroidery on them.

Had to model the orange blazer
I almost considered this. I like orange, if you didn’t know.

As we were wrapping up our time at the thrift store, Julie found this sweater.

I thought she was joking, but she just got a job back at PetSmart and thought this would be perfect. Out of all the dress browsing, this is what she got, which I found  funny for some reason.

So we left the Thrift Store, heads held high. Cat-dog sweater in Julie’s hand. And a new appreciation for the word “ugly”.

And I don’t mean that in a depreciating way. It’s almost impressive.

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