Wearing A Skirt And Nothing More

I inherited a few long skirts from my Abuelita’s closet. And they’re cute and trendy on their own, don’t get me wrong. But I felt like. . doing things the hard way, I guess. And I also didn’t feel like wearing ANOTHER long skirt to church. You already know my views on that. .

So here’s how to take a long skirt and make it a dress instead. 

Start with a skirt. 😉

You want to pull it up to your armpits, where it’s going to stay. (Re-check the length at this point, to make sure your skirt really is long enough to be a dress.)

Sometimes, the skirt will stay up on it’s own if it has elastic, but I like to be extra careful (trust me). So pinch the access fabric at one side.

Then use a big safety pin to secure it.

Congratulations, you are now wearing a tent.

For shape, pick out a wide belt to discover your waistline yet again. Then a cute little wrap/half-blouse/cardigan to cover your shoulders.

People will be surprised when you tell them it’s a skirt.

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