I made the internet! (But not for writing. .)

If you’ve been following From My Second Hand Closet or my Twitter, you’ve read about my friend Julie.


There she is! (Click the pic to read the post behind it)

Well, Julie cracks me up, ’cause one day, I got a message from her that went a little something like this.

JULIE: You’ve inspired me. I’m going to make a blog!

Then, a few days later (yesterday, I believe), I got this text.

JULIE: Rebekah, how do you delete a blog??

That made me laugh. You’ll be glad to know she didn’t really delete the blog, she was just confused about a technicality and figured it out. But anyway. Now I’ll tell you how I made the internet.

Wednesday, 9/11, I had the honor of singing for evening service at my church. I’m somewhat new here. So this was basically my “big daybue” (having issues with my foreign languages here. Work with me). This was my first solo, probably ever, in this kind of setting. I’ve played lead parts in musicals, and lead children’s worship all the time. But this is different. This is me, not a character, walking on stage and singing a song, alone. You might have to be in drama to understand.

Long story short, I was nervous. And sad, since all of my friends worked this program called King’s Kids and wouldn’t be there to hear me. But leave it to Julie to pull through for me!!

I told her the worst part had to be sitting in the front pew alone, waiting until pastor gave me “the nod” to walk on stage. So she planted herself right next to me, kept reminding me to breathe, laughing every time I awkwardly wiped my palms on my skirt, and revved up her mini pink camera to record me. (On a side note: it totally took a few big nods from pastor for me to get the hint.)

But yes sir, I’m on the internet! Check out Julie’s new blog Cherished! Support her, comment! And you can see the video of my first solo. =-) No, I don’t think I did that great. But I do think it could’ve gone worse in many different ways. Haha, it’s the pessimist in me. And don’t judge Julie’s video quality. Her camera is smaller than a deck of cards.

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