Big Brother At The Academy

My brother, Isaiah, is currently in New York at the Merchant Marine Academy. We’re all very proud. I know this has nothing to do with writing. But it is a big part of my life. Because of him, and Julie, I’ve added a new category, “Life,” to the web site. If you couldn’t care less, you don’t have to read it, just click on the “Writing” tab to see the posts in that category.

For everyone else, I’m not the only one who’s made the internet!! Check out this video! My brother is the middle of the three “Puddle Pirates”, the ones always with the pink teddy. He’s wearing the full-chested yellow vest. Then, if memory serves me correctly, he’s also the one wearing blue glasses in the “bar scene.” Tell me if you find him!

I apologize for the language. . Heh, just try not to listen too well.

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