City Skyline Nails

My friends and I were having a sleep over, girls only. We did nails, ate ice cream and pizza, and candy, and cookies, and chips, and watched Aladdin at two in the morning. It was a good time. Julie came too and brought her own personal nail stash, which I was so fascinated in, she just let me borrow.And while we were on YouTube, looking up Nick Pitera, I saw on the side bar a video for city skyline nails. They looked so cool and realistic. I needed to try them out.

Start with a white base.

The next step, you’re supposed to use a makeup sponge, then you layer the colors, blue, pink, and yellow, horizontally down the sponge and then dab the sponge into your white nail. It’ll get messy, which is okay.

Well, I don’t have a sponge – shocker. Honestly, I didn’t quite realize they exist. So instead, I scraped almost all of the paint off my brush, then jabbed the tip of my brush onto the nail to create that kind of dotted, thin, hair-brushed look. You want to make sure the brush doesn’t have globs of paint or else you’ll just have solid colored lines. And the sky is not solid colored.

Do the same with the pink, overlapping with the blue. If you’re doing my dabbing-jabbing method, do it quickly, as I realized the paint dried fast and keeps you from flowing the colors together. Do the same with the yellow.

When the paint is slightly dry, but not all the way, smooth on a top coat so all the colors flow together, giving that night sky effect. This is when I realized how quickly my paint dried, so it didn’t work so well.

Next, if you have sparkle glitter for the stars, add a coat or two to your liking.

With the black, create different lengthed, stretched rectangles for the buildings. They don’t have to be perfect. I don’t own any dotting tools or striper brushes, so I just used the regular brush with a lot of focus.

With a yellow or silver or light color, use a tooth pick or some pointed object to make the dots for the windows.

Make sure the dots are somewhat uniformed. I kind of skipped buildings. Too many dots and you can lose the effect.

To complete the look, use your orange wood stick/toothpick to make the crescent moon. While the paint’s still tacky, I push it around – like in the middle of the moon – to help it take better shape.

Finish with a top coat, and you’re done. What do you think?

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