X-ing smile lines from your foundation

I’m not a very make-up savvy person. Maybe at all. You may have figured this out. So anyway, when my friend turned to me and, very frustrated, said, “do you know how to get RID of this?” pointing at the foundation collected in her smile lines, I gave her a blank smile and shrugged.

But I had a new sense of purpose. Now I had to figure out how to get rid of those smile lines.

Check out this link. It’s self deemed to result “in smooth, even, porcelain skin”. Again, I don’t know much about makeup. I don’t even own a brush. My form of applying foundation is rubbing it into my face with my fingertips (I can sense a dermatologist out there cringing).

So tell me, makeup-atours, or owners of a makeup brush, does this method actually work? Or was your head spinning by step five?

Personally, I was lost at the word “stipple”. Don’t judge. It means to “paint, engrave, or draw by means of dots or small touches.” Things make sense now.

If you can, tell me what you think of this method. Maybe you have your own. Or if you have any make-up questions of your own, comment in the box below. You don’t need an account or anything. Just a name and something to say.

And as a side note about the makeup article I linked? A seventeen year old boy wrote it. Curious? I am too. .

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