Murdery Mystery Revealed

The Murder Mystery was yesterday. I was very excited for it. Julie and I went shopping. I watched YouTube videos. There was no messing around.

The game was afoot. 

Well – psh – we had to get ready first.
Julie had just come back from a job interview (that’s why she looks so nice. . Not that she doesn’t always, of course). And I’d been home sick all day (which is why I don’t. Haha)

On a side note, I’ve been meaning to invest in a full length mirror for my room. . I was just curling my hair at my dresser, and I didn’t want Julie to leave me to do her makeup in the bathroom, so I handed down one of those fancy, swivel, magnified/not, lighted mirror things for her to use sitting on the floor. She was a sport about it.

My getting-ready shirt. It’s button down so I don’t mess up my hair when I take it off. Smart.

I used a flat iron to curl my hair. I know. FLAT iron to curl my hair. Well using the hair curler FLATENS it. And my hair’s naturally curly! I’m still very artificial-curl deficient. . . I don’t know if you know of my first attempt. . . . .

Taken about a week after the fact. . : That isn’t a birthmark on my forehead. . .

Woah. [Side note. These pictures are maybe a year apart and I’m making almost the same exact face in both. Is it strange I think this is interesting? . . My own face entertains me.]

Anywho. According to the few YouTube Videos I watched, curling your hair, then kind of collecting that coil and pinning it at the top so it cools like that helps it keep shape longer. *shrug* Yes I do believe everything people tell me on YouTube. But one of them was a British guy with a cranky blond model and an accent and everything. He seemed pretty legit.

Well even Julie said that’s supposed to be the best method. So there I was: slowly cuuuuu-uu-uu-rl, put flat iron down, collect coil, and pin, pick up iron, and repeat. Makes it maybe twice as long as it would be, without pinning. I kind of just like the almost-ready look it gives you, when the pins are still in.

 Hehe. Anyone feeling me?

As my hair “set” (sounds like something Jello would do) I followed this girl’s advice for doing vintage makeup.

Then checked the time and I don’t know WHAT happened. We were already running late. I gave Julie my feather earrings and she tried on the shawl and we both kind of stopped and looked at it.

I thought the shawl was a triangle shape. The ones I had were rectangular and long. And just weren’t working. Julie searched my closet and I wracked my brain. She tried something else on but everything kept taking away from her dress.

And I still hadn’t done her hair. AND I still hadn’t gotten into my dress.

I totally forgot about pinning it. I knew the night before that I needed to pin it tighter and down the backbone of the dress. (If I pinned it on the sides, the armpits would bulge.) So, what are friends for??

Thanks, Julie.

Here’s a knee slapper for ya: I really was a pinned up girl. *badoom-ching!*

We were in such a hurry and the armpits were bulging a little, so I just put a red camisole on underneath. Extra coverage. Then I picked all the pins out of my hair, shook it a bit, decided it’ll be finished in the car, and we scrambled around collecting things in order to leave.

But my mom had to take a quick picture. .

Then we rushed to the store to try to find SOMETHING to cover Julie’s shoulders. Then a different store. I might’ve been in sky high heels and my curls were being dissipated in the wind, but I was kind of having fun making a spectacle of ourselves. I mean, once you see the full length pictures, you can’t tell me that you won’t stare at if you see us walking into a DD’s Discounts, walking about like wild women.

The way I wanted to do Julie’s hair was this.

I realized, however, that I have a real-sock bun. And not one of those netted sock buns (you know what I mean?), which if you watch the video, I need. So we went to the Dollar Tree too. There, for the second time this week, I preached the praises of the blue feather boa that Julie just HAD to have, and she buckled. *proud face*

The plan was to drive up to the house, compose, hopefully do Julie’s hair, and THEN face everyone for being half an hour late, but that didn’t happen – as everyone was waiting on the front porch, shaking their heads at us.

We were all smiles, though!

Before the game, there was a quick debriefing and clarification of the rules.

And a little more clarification. . Then I think a few of us just gave up trying to understand and decided to play the game.

(Yes,  I have a matching coat. The dress I’m wearing is my grandma’s. Practically everything from the jewelry to the bag was inherited by her.)

The second we entered the house, Tim said, we are no longer Rebekah, Julie, etc. We are our characters. I could do this.

I have to give a shout-out to Tim, though. It was all planned so well. A true mystery game complete with:


You might want to shield the children from this one. .


Clues. .

Long monologues. .

Biting conversation.

And murder, again.

But the OUTFITS! Were my favorite. Of course. So without further ado, let me introduce you to. .

“Mr. Green”
“Ms. White”
“Mrs. Peacock”
“Professor Plum” (With a candlestick. .)

“Ms. Scarlet”

And last but not least.

The butler, “Mr. Body”

 Great job everybody. =-)

Well. Except for the part where we all die in the end by Ms. White’s hand. . .

Great party! 

2 thoughts on “Murdery Mystery Revealed

  1. I'm glad everyone had a good time. This is a great presentation of the night, even if it is full of excuses about being late. Everyone looked great.


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