Murder Mystery

So if you’re on Twitter, you’ve probably been seeing my tweets about thrift shopping with Julie today. If you haven’t, follow me! I add updates for all my blogs, and I’d love hear from you. =-)

That’s Julie driving. I’m trying to be cool (it doesn’t work so well. . ). She looks pretty though X-)

Tomorrow, we have a murder mystery to go to. *cue eerie music* Our friend Tim put the whole thing together and yesterday after church, gave us all our “orders” with strict instructions that we were not to open the letters until we were home, alone.

Mine made me laugh. I can’t tell you what it said, since Julie might be reading this. *raises an eyebrow, looking about suspiciously* But I’m very excited.

Julie called it “a test of self-control”, us getting together today, since we weren’t supposed to talk about our characters or anything we know. We’re girls, so you have to appreciate how hard that is.

What we did talk about was our outfits. It might be cheating, getting a look into what the other one is wearing, kind of, but Tim did blurt it out a bit. He was probably excited.

I was excited too. I got home, learned I needed to wear red, and didn’t waste a moment digging through my closet to find something. I didn’t go to bed until 1am. . I might have been too excited . .

Pics of our final outfits will be added tomorrow, if it get’s too late though, I’ll just add them Saturday.

Julie’s character apparently wears a dark-ish blue with feathers. (Which stunk for me because my character isn’t so fun; very red, but classy.) I kind of had my outfit already, something I inherited from my grandma (she was very classy) I’d just need to pin it up a bit. So we were mostly focusing on Julie’s outfit. . . And messing around in the stores.

Like with these. .

Julie found them first and immediately checked their size. They fit me. She said I had to try them on.

You have to understand. I’m 5’2. I might even be an optimistic 5’2. And I’m already clumsy being that close to the ground.

I could stand just fine. A nice lady passerby even commented on how cute they are, how she loves the platforms, but she could never walk in them. She asked if I could. I tried a few steps, feeling confident, and she praised me. Then my ankle wobbled and I lost balance for 2.5 seconds, approximately. You do not know horror until that has happened to you. I quickly, shakily, and carefully, stepped back down from those suicide stilts.

Then we were back to looking for blue, blue, blue. Poor Julie. Her favorite color is purple. Purple, purple, purple. Purple is so close to blue that she would lie to herself about certain purple dresses being blue. I liked to tease her, but soon even I was seeing the blue in purple. .

She was in and out of dressing rooms. Even I hopped in one to try something on at one point.

Super cute lace dress. . Sadly too short. And way too low for me.

Julie had been in the dressing room over. She doesn’t know this, but I tried to start a conversation with her while she was in there. Then I thought it was weird that she didn’t reply. I thought maybe she was focusing on putting something on, but that didn’t make sense. Then I thought maybe she was getting discouraged, but this was our first thrift store. I finally looked under the divider and the feet weren’t Julie’s. That made more sense than all my thoughts.

We left the Goodwill to go to a Salvation Army down the road and walked in to find a “Thursday %50 off” sign. Score!

There’s where we found the crazy heels. I also found these.

Very curious about the general thoughts on these shoes. . Leave a comment below.

And this.

Love the fold-work
Adorable hat!
Julie was busy so I went ahead and tried it on. . There’s a first for everything, it was pretty tiny.

We flicked through the dresses in this store, even helped a woman who was shopping for an 80’s outfit. And Julie pulled out. . . the One.

Her goal is a kind of mysterious, Mrs Peacock feathers from Clue, “like Jessica Rabbit but not so trashy” look (her words).

Bam! Tell me she did not nail it! We’re going to raise and tighten the bust line with a safety pin connecting the straps in the back, and I told her I have a feathery black shawl and blue feather earrings she can borrow.

She’s coming over tomorrow afternoon so we can get ready together. I have no idea how to do my hair and make-up. I know what I want, so we’ll see how that’ll work. And I’ll try my best at Julie’s hair.

I’m thinking old Hollywood waves for my hair. And a flip bun with feathers poking out for Julie.

Our final stop was for Julie to find shoes, but I was a little distracted by the sunglasses.

What do you think? Too big for my face?
Julie liked these.

And just to be random. I need to add the picture we took of Julie’s dream car.

I’m very excited for tomorrow.

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