Getting ready for church

Two posts ago, I told you about my church’s dress code. Well. Saturday night, I decided to take you on an adventure with me in finding what the heck I would wear for Sunday morning church service. Every now and then I like to share the creative process. Maybe you’ll be inspired.

I always start with one article of clothing.

I think this is cute. And I haven’t worn it in a while, so I worked with it. Then I just needed to find a skirt.

The skirt is flowy, which is why I thought I’d try it with the flowy shirt – to kind of make everything run together. Obviously that didn’t happen. But, I got an idea.
Much cuter, right? But for church I need to have my shoulders covered. So I rooted around for something.
Takes away my shape
Doesn’t match
Too busy
This one I thought I could work with for a while. I just didn’t like that it made me look so puffy, so I tried a belt.
Note the modesty mole, ladies.
The belt was fine, though I didn’t like that it was showing so much of the black underneath. It didn’t look good to me.
In one final act of desperation, I tried a different skirt.
Yeah, no. It wasn’t happening for this top. As I was pulling out the skirt, I actually found a dress I bought a while ago and have yet to wear.
It has one of my favorite colors in it. Orange. Not many people like orange it seems. I should write a post about that. .
I bought this dress when I was out thrifting with a friend. It was expensive. Cost me $3.95 I think. Something around that. Haha, I’m joking. Anyway. I loved how it fit me on top. Usually I have to alter straps and bust lines since I’m so petite, otherwise I look like I’ve stolen my mother’s nightgown, but this one fit nicely. It, also, was a little too short for church though. And the pencil skirt was okay, but wasn’t loving it.
Perfection! Now, just needed to cover my shoulders. .  .again.

I was liking this. Thought it looked a little kaleidescope-y.
I even added a belt.

But a bad review can send you to the drawing board again. My dad made one comment and I was back in my room to find something else. .

The black looks fine, it’s just a little too frumpy. I needed something thinner that wouldn’t cover up the pretty dress so much.

There it was!

Black shoes are a given. Then I was finally ready for church. AND in the dress code. Skirt to the knees, shoulders covered. Boo-yah.

Structuring notes: With the under-skirt, I pinched and safety pinned it tighter to just below the bust so it’d be more secure. The belt is tight and also doubles as a hold to keep the under-skirt in place so it doesn’t fall out. Everything has it’s purpose.

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