Casual skirts must die

In one of my last post, “It’s all about the shoes,” I mentioned I bought my long flowy skirt especially for church. Well it’s because we are required to wear skirts.

Not required, required. When I was just visiting, I had my copper nails, dark skinny jeans, unruly hair, and a leather jacket thing going on, and they didn’t shun me or anything. It’s just a very traditional, independent Baptist Church, so if you sing in the choir or teach the kids, you need to wear a skirt.

I have the double negative: I sing in the choir AND teach kindergarteners. . . Out to the thrift store I go.

That’s where I bought my black skirt. I was looking for just a generic black that could go with everything. I wanted it to the knee, but found the long one which I thought best for working with the kids.

Venting time: I am sick of skirts.

I can’t do anything in a skirt. Girls are always saying “oh but they’re so comfortable, blah blah” and. . . they’re not!

I squat down, I step on my skirt. I go up stairs, I step on my skirt. I get in the car. . well no, I can’t even get in the car because I step on my skirt. And that’s for the long one. For the shorter ones, I can’t bend over, it’ll ride up in the back. I sit down, I need to pull it so it’s covering my knees. If I want to sit on the floor, I have to kind of fall to the side and tuck my legs in so I don’t flash anyone. I can’t sit comfortably, because I need to keep my knees together. I can’t slouch, it’ll ride up.

And HEAVEN HELP ME if a gust of wind comes.

I know I’m not making sense. That every outfit on this blog is a dress or skirt combination. But you don’t understand. It’s different. Casual skirts are different.

Casual skirts are *shudder*

Obviously, I have some issues to work out. I’m just having the toughest time registering skirts as casual. They’re either “fancy,” “stylish,” or “cute” in my opinion. Casual skirts and sneakers are something homeschooling mom’s with ten kids do. (No offense to them of course. I know plenty cool ones.)

So yeah. I’m working this out. I just hope you understand that the transition from skinny jeans and leather jackets to long skirts is a very big jump for me. And I’m so petite I get swallowed by long skirts and have no shape anymore, but I can’t wear anything shorter than to-the-knee. And I miss my bu– er — legs. . I have an ego being bruised.

*sigh* It’s all for God. It’s all for God.

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