"Size 12 Is Not Fat" – By Meg Cabot

I’m sorry I took so long to read this book. I don’t know what else to say, except that that doesn’t give the book a very good standing to begin with.

Meg Cabot is famous for her Princess Diaries series. I own two of those books and never read them. I’ve tried reading the first Princess Diaries twice, once when I was younger and once . . about a month ago. Still couldn’t finish it.

Cabot just seems to have this way of giving detail, description, back story, blah blah. But nothing is really happening. It’s like the heroine is staring out into space, her head cocked to the side and tongue hanging out, having all these thoughts running through her mind.

For a story like “Size 12 is not fat,” which is supposed to be a kind of coming-of-age murder mystery, I – personally and politely – would appreciate more action and less thinking.

Sorry. I’ll explain the book further.

It’s about Heather Wells, a once famous teen pop sensation, who had the rug yanked from under her, loosing her record label, money, boyfriend, and run-away mother, and is trying to restart her life, and career, by working at a college dorm. She walks to her own beat, not caring about the extra weight she’s put on since the fall out in her life, and even proudly holds the standard as a size 12 for the average American woman. She has goals, like getting a doctor’s degree and helping sick children and marrying her ex-boyfriend’s handsome brother, Cooper, who happens to be her landlord. Then girls start mysteriously dropping down elevator shafts in her building and landing in crippled masses on the floor, dead.

Heather is the only one who senses foul play, and, accused of being a has-been and fantasizer, she heads out alone and ready to solve this case. Even though she has no experience. Or anyone to back her up. Or evidence.

The book is good for what it is. . I think that maybe if you’re a Meg Cabot fan, you’d enjoy it more than I did. But it just kind of dragged. . What kept me going was just because it was a mystery that I needed to know the ending of. But then the ending wasn’t as satisfying as I thought it’d be. So I don’t know.

VIOLENCE/GORE: This is a murder mystery, but not very graphic. Two girls plummet to the basement, via elevator shaft, but aren’t described. A tree planter falls on someone’s head, knocking them unconscious in a puddle of blood. And someone is left dangling from an elevator chord as the rusty metal digs and slices through their hands. That is as graphic as it gets gore wise. Though still pretty violent, considering the murder aspect.

LOVE/SEX: The main character, Heather, walks in on her boyfriend messing around with another girl. Other than that there is a sex scene, not very described, which ends just as quickly. Heather also likes to say how she’s fantasizing about “ripping Cooper’s clothes off with her teeth,” though he’d personally never know. Then college “safe sex” and condoms seems to be a casual sort of tone throughout, since Heather works at the college.

DRUGS/ALCOHOL: Drug dealers live on Heather’s street, and she isn’t opposed to drinking a beer or glass of champagne when it’s offered to her. Another one of the characters is also a reputed tipsy of a drunk.

Feel kind of blank about this book.

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