Things will go wrong. Expect it.

The second I finished my first draft, things have gone wrong.

First and foremost, of course, I realized my first draft is crap. (And I don’t use that word often. There’s just no better way to describe it.) So that was lame. . And then. What else? Oh yeah. I stepped on my reading glasses. Wearing shoes, obviously. They were tangled up in the cord of my keyboard pedal and I hadn’t noticed they’d fallen until I heard a crack under my converse shoe.

Now they tilt awkwardly to one side, since the part that broke off is the ear-hooky thing. I hadn’t realized how much I rely on them until this experience. My eyes have been straining so bad. I think I’m developing wrinkles between my eyebrows. So. The solution to this problem, since I rather look stupid than ugly, is that I’ve used a hair tie to kind of hold the hook thing to my glasses. It weighs it down so at least now it doesn’t tilt.

*sigh* I am reaching the end of my productive rope. .

I’ll just come clean with the fact that I’ve done next to no work these past couple weeks.

Okay. I’ve reached the end of my productive rope.

I’m sure sometime somewhere, some uber helpful writer said with conviction how you need to just sit down and write, ignore your emotions, bank them away for a later story, and just write. Well. I’ve written. Kinda don’t know where to go from here. .

I get e-mails from the Writer’s Digest Site. They cram up my inbox just ’cause instead of deleting them, I’m one to say “oh I’ll read that later“. Anyway, I searched the site and actually found really helpful articles on revising work. The best advice was “kill your darlings”, as in don’t get too attached to any one scene, if it doesn’t work in the story as a whole, X it.

So. While the rest of my life crumbles to pieces (um, literally), I shall go on with the theme and “kill my darlings”.

It’s getting gruesome over here in the writing world.

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