On the hunt

So I just wanted to confirm how I’m not being a bum in the baking world. And to tell
you how I’m on the hunt for a good pound cake recipe!


I’m hungry. And pound cake sounds really good right now. Haha, any arguments?

I’ve actually just now visited Martha Stewart’s web site. Funny that I’ve never been there before. I don’t know, Martha Stewart has always been . . . weird, in my opinion. Maybe because she isn’t really a smiler, which makes no sense to me because she’s around home-made cookies and sparkle glue all day.

I dunno. That’s how my brain works. But anyway, I may find a friend in her yet.

She has a bunch of pound cake recipes!!

From the original “use one pound of flour” one, to chocolate-peanut butter, and lemon, and cream cheese.

What really got me exited were the videos where she shows you how to do stuff. I’m visual and they’re so prettily made, too.

I was going to go with the “Classic Pound Cake” (they seem to all be called “classic pound cake”, but the ingredients are different, so you know), because I was looking for one that didn’t require a pound of everything. But then I saw in the comments, some woman said how she still liked the Vanilla Pound Cake better.

Vanilla Pound Cake? 8-D

Boom. Heck yes, I want to try the vanilla pound cake. And it only uses two cups of flour!

All I need to do is go to the store for unsalted butter and I have the ingredients for this recipe. It uses all my regular staples otherwise – eggs, sugar, vanilla, salt – which I think makes a recipe even better, and easier, when you don’t need to buy some weird ingredient that neither you nor the people at the supermarket know where to find. (Hopefully that sentence comes out right, I thought about it too much.)

I read reviews for the Vanilla Pound Cake to find a ten year old commented and said how this recipe is “super easy” and “it turned out perfect”.

A ten year old got it perfect. Oh it’s on.

No pressure on me of course.

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