When you’re done with your first draft

Today, I finished what I guess would be my first draft of my novel. It’s a strange feeling, finishing a first draft. Mine’s only 155 pages, so I can almost visibly see how much work I still need to do to get it into shape.

It’s a very “ugggh” feeling. The kind you get when you’ve drank too much milk and have one cookie left.

But still. Even if your first draft is – non argumentally – poo (I know “crap” would work better in that sentence, but, I don’t know, my mom never liked that word so I’ve never used it. X-) Hey, don’t judge. At least I always have a place to stay.) you should still celebrate once you’ve finished your first draft.

Look back at all the pages you’ve written and slap yourself. Say, “gosh, I’ve actually done all that work. I’ve actually written all these pages. And they’re all mine. They’re all unique, never-before-seen. My work.”

Which is exactly what I’m telling myself. Sure, it needs A LOT of work yet. But I’ve gone farther than many aspiring writers. And you can too. And soon *fist in the air* we shall be published!

In the meantime, I’m still published on my blogs. . That counts. . right? X->

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