"Mocking jay" – By Suzanne Collins

So I finally finished the Hunger Game series today.


That’s my word for this book.


I have to say, I feel like Collins SQUEEZED as much death and destruction as possible in her last book. At first, I’ll admit, it was interesting and every chapter ended with “oh gosh!”, “say what?”. But mostly “woah, that person just died!! Oh my gosh, THAT person just died?!. . . Oh. Shocker. They died too. . Okay, so who else is going to die? . . Ugh, there goes another one. . Seriously, another?”

The final lap of this book was getting kind of painful, I’m sad to say. I had a few days where I was sure I’d finish it then sighed and told myself I’d finish it tomorrow.

As always, Collins takes you on an adventure, pretty or not, to some place you’ve never been, and for that, I tip my imaginary hat. I was also pretty pleasantly surprised with the ending, which dulled the pain. So don’t give up, read to the end.

VIOLENCE/GORE: It’s a Hunger Games book. ‘nuf said?

When it comes to a comparison with the other books. .  I don’t really know how to compare, actually. But there is torture in this one, malicious, and gruesome thoughts. And graphic scenes.

LOVE/SEX: Before I forget, I forgot to mention something about the other books. There has been a few suggestions of prostitution in the previous ones. And in the second, a fake pregnancy.

In this book, one of the characters speaks out for being forced to sell their body. Nothing descriptively graphic, more conversational.

DRUGS/ALCOHOL: Haymitch is always drunk, or always wants to be. And Katniss speaks of the morphine used to dull her pain almost like sweet nectar and how beautiful it is.

As always, honor where honor is due. Congratulation Collins for making such a successful series. People have fan art, fan fiction, jewlery, tattoos. Heck she must be sitting pretty is my guess. As an aspiring writer, I admire her very unique work.

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