I’ve Fallen. .

I’ve fallen. . . From the face of the earth.

So sorry.

I very much so left you all hanging about the birthday thing. My apologies. I think the real problem was that I not responding” is fun. Just think if kids did that, if they just decided that today they weren’t going to respond. And, not only that but, just to be even more irritating, they’d respond every once and a while, until boom: “not responding” again. There would be a lot of beatings at that house.
didn’t have a true catastrophe to motivate me to write a blog post. And then, my laptop decided that playing “tag! I’m

I wanted to KILL my laptop.Yes. Sadly, I do admit to having some very unChristian thoughts towards it. . . I was frustrated to the point of tears, and to such an extent that the only thing that made me feel good was pulling the plug. (You know. Literally?) And then I sat there, disappointed, as it calmly went through the process of shutting down, as opposed to the dramatic bizz! black screen, I wanted. . So then I vented to a friend over text and text *beat the heck out of the darn thing* in the *backyard* and said how much I “hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate it” (Excuse my profanity) until I felt better and went and stuffed myself on crackers and chocolate.

All that to say, as irony would have it, I’m using my dad’s laptop. It’s an old HP with a place-mat size sticker of long aqua blue feathers stuck to the front, very tre masculine. It’s my old one. But it’s been working for the most part, so I ain’t complaining.

Anyhow. So for my birthday I made the ginger snaps, chocolate, and white chocolate bon bons, and lemon bars. *brings fingertips together and kisses them* muah, a masterpiece.

The ginger snaps I’ve made before, and since they require refrigeration, I prepped those first – in my handy dandy kitchen aid – dumped the ball into a bowl and covered it and stuck it in the fridge. (That’s the pic up there.)

How do I like my kitchen aid, you might ask. I like it A LOT. This is coming from a girl who’s found clever ways of holding the hand mixer without making her arm muscles burn. It is a glorious convenience to just flip a switch and stare. You can even get other things ready, or clean, or put ingredients away or bring them out. It’s very amazing, and I have to stop saying “very” like that, I’m annoying myself.

The kitchen aid makes a high pitched whirring sound, if you’ve ever wondered. It kind of caught me by surprise at first, for some reason. . Something else it does, is it sometimes leaves ingredients unmixed at the bottom of the bowl. The bottom of the bowl has a bump of a point right in the center where naughty ingredients like to hide. I read the instruction manual and it claims I just need to adjust the paddle a bit and that’ll fix itself.

Otherwise. Ver— ha, caught myself. I really like it. =-)

The bon bons were SO pleasant to make, not having to go through all my little tricks to get it to mix in all the way. With the Kitchen Aid, I just clicked it to a higher speed.

And the lemon bars I made from a box. Tip for the clueless (like me. Don’t think I’m judging you): if your lemon bars are too mushy, which you’ll find out when you start cutting, it means you need to cook them longer. Mine were a little undercooked, but God willing, I got them to plate nicely.

My mom even made cupcake ice cream cones. All you do is bake the cupcake in an ice cream cone. As simple as that. It fills up the whole cone and bakes beautifully. And the cone doesn’t burn. The small problem my mom came across is that the batter spilled from the cones during the baking, but she just sawed it off with a knife and you couldn’t even tell. And we got to eat the scraps. They tasted good too. A light crunch and then the spongy cake. Try it. =-)

Well. I guess you can call this a random post. I just didn’t want anyone to think I was being rude, leaving you hanging. Hopefully something from this post proved helpful, or entertaining.

Until next time!

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