Second Hand. . Makeup? — Don’t Freak.

I can only imagine the turmoil in the streets the second I even hint of second hand makeup.I’m not hinting. So calm down. Don’t freak.

Even though this blog does have “Second Hand” in the title, I do also mean it as “a cheaper version than what everyone else is paying.” Meaning, knock offs, clearance racks, etc.

So no, I am not saying you should get second hand makeup. I do draw the thrift store line somewhere. I don’t get underwear or brushes or shoes. So anyway. Now that I’ve made that clear. I’ll move on.

I’m eighteen now. Shocker to me too, I look pretty young. And starting to experiment with make-up (which will probably come out as the bigger shock). Yup, eighteen years old, and I just learned what a highlighter is, as opposed to foundation. And that there are ways to make your nose look smaller and eyes look bigger, etc, etc.

But hey, I knew what an eyelash curler looks like! I’ve used one of those before!

Okay yeah, it’s kinda pathetic. Yet I’m strangely proud. *wide-eyed, head cocked, moment of comical reflection*

I’ve been looking at a LOT of tutorials for hair and makeup. Some of them even look refreshingly easy. (Oh, have I mentioned? I can’t do hair either. . . I’ve been kinda preoccupied with clothes lately. .) So I’ll be sharing these easy up dos and face (um) downs? On here.

Here’s a link to a site that compares the expensive makeup brands to the drug store brands. I’ll personally be using this information for my makeup purchases because, surprise! I have no idea what to buy. (Just for easy price comparison and quick access, I’ve copied and pasted which products are being compared in the post, below. Even though, I’ve never heard of Giorgio, hopefully you have.)

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, $60 = Cover Girl NatureLuxe Silk Foundation, $10! 

Giorgio Armani Smooth Silk Eye Pencil, $30 = Styli-Style Line and Seal Eyes, sells for under $6! 

MAC Eye Shadow in All the Glitters, $14 = NYX Eye shadow, sells between $5 and as low as $2.50!

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