My birthday!

My birthday was on Tuesday. Yup that’s right, I’m so special I share birthdays with Bruce Willis. (Betcha didn’t know that!) I always knew we had a connection.

My birthday was pretty awesome, because I got presents that correspond with each of my blogs  (keep an eye out for those posts!). I got three different kinds of pants (From My Second Hand Closet). I got a book (If Anyone Cares.  .), annd I got a hard core Kitchen Aid Stand alone mixer (this blog you’re reading, syk).

And, the mixer’s orange!

Orange is my favorite color, which you may or may not have deducted from the background of this blog (it is kinda pinkish). So it’s pretty awesome that I got a mixer that color. I even found out there are all sorts of colors and designs!

As you can imagine, I can’t wait to really put this thing to work. What better way to do that than have a par-tay? Next weekend, my older brother (20, can you believe it? Seems just yesterday he was living with us and locking me out of the house to stuff his face full of my fresh baked cookies), well he and I are having a double birthday, and I’ve already promised several of my friends that I’d make the two versions of my chocolate bon-bons. Though I really doubt I’d end there.

I’d love to make a lot of other treats. Maybe I’ll experiment and do pretzel bites or something not desserty. I just need to find some recipes that aren’t . . so complicated. X-) I think I’ll do sugar cookies and even chocolate chip too.

I know, it’s coming up real soon and I have barely prepared, like always. . I guess that’ll just make it more interesting though. Hehe. At least this time, it’s my mixer and me against the world!

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