The 2012 Driver’s Handbook

So, as a kind of rule-type advicey thing in my house, you have to wait until you’re eighteen to get your driver’s license. It just helps in a lot of ways to wait and is less hassle. Financial and legal stuff. Blah.

Anywho, I kind of think it’ll be funny to do a review on the little booklet. So I am. X-)

First thing anyone notices about this thing is it’s tiny. It’s small. It’s thin. It gives you a false sense of confidence. You start thinking “heh! How hard can driving, or reading this thing, be?!”

I’m pretty sure driving is a bit easier than this read. Obviously, the booklet isn’t made for entertainment purposes. If anything, the underlying theme is “How can you POSSIBLY not understand this?” And not in a conceited way. It’s just obvious that this booklet was made so that even the stupidest people could understand the rules of the road. (So that means it really stinks when you read a section multiple times and still have no idea why we would do something written.)

Like, okay. I’m probably going to sound really stupid. But in my booklet, it says that if I park on a hill, facing up, I should turn my wheels away from the curve. Though, my logic says turn it toward the curve, so if the car rolls, it’ll roll down and in a little circle – boop – until the back wheels hit the curve and stops. But the way the booklet wants you to do it just turns the car into the traffic, if you ask me. (Hopefully the answer to this isn’t totally obvious, because this is the internet and my post is permanent. Heh.) If I do happen to be really wrong, be gentle, I’ve really never been behind the wheel of a car.

But anyway. So there ya have it.

In short, it’s a small, painfully informative book, written for the express purpose of educating stupid people in the ways of road safety.

You should read it some time. Hah-hah.

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