Obviously. I’m not a guy (though I hope you know that already). I can only say what I like and don’t like on guys. Or tell them they smell good or something. But luckily, I have a close friend who has some fashion opinions of his own.

Here’s a shout out to Mr. Kyle!

You may remember him from my post “I’m back! And with a steal. I mean, deal,” which I apologize for it’s being the longest post title ever.

Kyle is seventeen. . . And he wears suits, daily. As in a blazer, trousers, dress shirt, tie, and cuff links; suits. Gotta love people with quirks! They’re the best.

He also shares my love and dedication of thrift stores, mostly because they water down the prices of his upper-class taste. We’ve been down to LA and Beverly Hills just to browse the thrift stores there, looking for good deals on the expensive brands he always has an eye for.

Well, Kyle went to Hugo Boss a few weeks ago, which I understand isn’t at thrift store. But he bought a suit there on sale for more than half it’s worth, which is something to brag about. He was so excited he zapped me all these photos the day of.

The suit was originally $1,250 and he bought it for $240. That’s one-THOUSAND and ten dollars off, 80.8%.
Pretty sweet.
If you’re like me, just the thought of spending $240 makes you desperate to breathe into a paper bag, so I’ll break it down into numbers that makes sense. 80.8% of $20: $3.84. And, my personal calculation, based on how much I tend to spend. 80.8% of $5: ninety-four cents.
Nice job, Kyle. =-)  

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