Double oven. . . not. And getting ready for a shindig

So, as I told you yesterday, I moved. Whoo hurray. And I was actually getting kind of excited because our new kitchen’s oven, although smaller, is a double! Yeah! I thought that was going to be really fun. Until I was informed that it wasn’t actually a double oven. It’s an oven on top and apparently (I say apparently because I’m an optimist and I still haven’t been thoroughly convinced of this) there’s a broiler on the bottom. Bo-rring. That doesn’t even make sense. My old oven was an oven AND a broiler put together. I mean, come on! Who’s with me on this? It may be an old house. But still. There’s a possibility of it being an oven too, right? Can I hear an amen? . . Please?

I obviously have issues with this. Sorry. I’ll get over it in a few years, I guess. . Well anywho. Double oven or not. I’m having a Christmas party tomorrow and I have several desserts lined up to make! I’m very excited to get started. Our kitchen is so cute — even though I can hardly ever find what I’m looking for the first time. (My mom moved the location of the oven mitts THREE times, it was driving me crazy.)

We made a mad dash to the grocery store yesterday to find everything we needed. We only had forty-five minutes because the gardeners were supposed to come at twelve. So we sped over, came back an hour later. And they still hadn’t showed up. They came at like one. So I ended up running all over the store for last minute candy canes and pretzels (trust me, I was a wreck. My hair was flying everywhere, my bangs were sticking up, I was hot and sweaty. All I needed was to bump into someone I knew to make it complete), and I did it all FOR NOTHING since they were late anyway. -_-

Well the good thing is I got everything I needed from the store except frozen puff pastry, which I couldn’t find anywhere. But that’s just for one recipe, so I feel pretty good.

All my recipes are coming from two old magazines I got at the thrift store for ten cents each.

I mostly just wanted to show you the front of the magazine for the family circle picture. If everything works out, I’m making the sugar cookie snowflakes, the spice crackle cookies (to the right of the snowflake), mocha meringue things (little brown balls), and peppermints puffs (balls with candy cane sprinkles on top). And I hope they look exactly like the picture. Haha. *crosses fingers*

And from the holiday baking magazine, I’m making these things called “elephant ears.” But those are the things I need the frozen pastry for, which I don’t have. So I might not do it for the party but for Christmas Eve instead.

So yep! Here’s to hoping everything turns out well. Time to get to work.

Oh, real quick: from previous experience, I’ve tried breaking up candy cakes for decoration, but it just turns out as white sticky crumbs. Does anyone else have that problem? Or know how to fix it?

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