I, um, DIDN’T put sprinkles in it. .

So, the reason behind my disappearance for the past, I don’t know how many, months is because I’ve moved! Yeup. It’s breaking news. Unless you’ve read my other blog, www.frommysecondhandcloset.blogspot.com, then it’s not exactly breaking news. . But! For the rest of you, just breathe in and out. Change is good. Life is change. Things can always get better. Now smile. C’mon, smile. Gooooooood. =-) Now. Don’t you feel better? =-)

Haha, okay I’m done being weird now.

So, I’m afraid you have missed a few things. Nothing real crazy. But like, for Thanksgiving, I made brownies. I know, right? I’m talking, yawn, brownies from a box, yawn. *tries to think of some way to break it to you gently*. . . Yeahh, I screwed them up.

So, I wasn’t paying attention and put a whole cup of water in them. The recipe calls for 1/4th a cup. I was thinking of dumping it all out and starting again, but someone convinced me otherwise. Hmm, I don’t want to cast the blame on anyone. But my dad totally said it was okay. Haha. And, of course, innocently being daddy’s little girl, I listened to his advice. (This is an inside joke in my family, alluding to the time my dad told me my pet rat was wild and he’d have to let it go in the dessert, and I believed him. Of course, he doesn’t remember this at all. All he remembers is that my rat was about to die and he tried to find a way to get rid of it before then so I wouldn’t be traumatized as a child — like telling me my rat is wild wouldn’t traumatize me. . But I guess I turned out all right *twitch twitch*)

Sadly, I have no pictures. But it looked like normal brownie. But the thing about my family is that you know something’s truly disgusting if absolutely no one has seconds.

Thanksgiving day, I made the brownies and pumpkin bread. The bread was a big hit. But my dad was the first one to have a piece of brownie. While the entire table watched, he took a bite, said “hmm” and gave it this strange look. After a few seconds of staring at it, he kind of cocked his head at me:”did you put sprinkles in it?” They’re brownies, why in the world would I put sprinkles in them? I said no. He looked confused, stared at it again, and finally placed it back on his plate. Well, everyone was officially freaked out after that. I think only my older brother’s friend from college tried it. But he said it was okay, in this adequate tone. Everyone kinda said the same thing. They never told me it was absolutely disgusting. They said it was “fine,” “okay,” “yeah, it’s good.” And then they were suddenly too full to have some more. Finally I tried it.

Oh gosh. It was disgusting. It was like dry tasting, cumbly fudge stuff. And the worst part were these hard almost sprinkle looking things. Kind of reminded me of carrot cake, with the chewy-hard pieces of carrot. Except. I didn’t put any sprinkles in it. Aghck. I think the eggs yolks boiled or something from all the water, and then hardened, because those “sprinkles” were orange. *shudder* Yes, it was very disgusting. I think the most disgusting one of my catastrophes yet. I mean, there was NO fixing it.

So, just for future reference: putting a whole cup of water in brownies when it asks for 1/4th? Not a good idea, no. Go figure, right? 

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