I’m back! And with a steal. I mean, deal.

Have no fear! . . . I. Am here. X-)

So, I thought that I could use that handy dandy cell phone picture uploader thing, during the move. Hah. You know how it is. Schoolwork, packing, cleaning, more packing, yard sales, more packing. No time.

I filled my little brother’s arms with clothes
and look! My walking closet. Ah-hah.

Well, we’ve finally moved! Imagine that. But the problem is that I have no mirror in my new room for pictures. There’s one at the end of the hallway, as you can see below.

Well. If you can see ANYTHING. I am actually wearing a cute outfit, believe it or not. But obviously, the lighting and location isn’t exactly ideal for taking pictures. . So I’m working on that.


I just HAVE to show you my steal from Goodwill of all places. Goodwill’s gotten expensive, hasn’t it?! I usually go to this independent Christian thrift shop that’s actually raising prices too, but still beats Goodwill. So that’s why I was even more surprised, excited, and ready to brag when I found this dress.

So, I was looking for a nice fancy dress to wear to a Winter Formal. Now, I’m homeschooled, which you probably didn’t know. So I have no idea what that means, except “formal.” Actually, I thought we had to dress “wintery” at first. (Because I’m smart like that.) But my friend, Kyle, who invited me just laughed and said no, it just means to have a formal event “in the wintertime.” Ahhh. Cough.

So, Kyle (who, I’m going out on a limb here, hoping he doesn’t mind me talking about him on the internet hehe) loves suits. I mean. LOVE. He wears them everywhere. Otherwise he wears a blazer and jeans, most of the time with a tie, and still, to the naked eye, looks like he’s wearing a suit. And he actually pulls them off too. So it’s not like weird. But, because of this love, he’s had parties where everyone dresses up. And we’ve even planned events for groups of us to dress all formal and go parading around big malls and pose in the windows of shops like we’re mannequins. It’s actually a lot of fun. People stare as we walk by and ask us if we’re going to prom. We made friends everywhere we went. You should totally try it. The only problem was, because I’ve gone to these events, Kyle’s seen all my really nice dresses. So I couldn’t just wear a dress he’s already seen! It’s against. . some sort of code! Also. I just wanted a new dress. Hehe. So that’s why I started perusing through dresses.

Alright. Quick little warning for if you’re going to thrift stores, looking for a dress or anything. You. Need. A self control. OF STEEL. I’m not even kidding. You’ll start flipping through hangers: “oh! This is so great!” And you know you don’t really need it. And you know it’s not really what you’re looking for or came for. But you’ve just GOTTA have it. And don’t tell me you’ve never had that feeling.

In my hunt for this one dress. I bought three others. Haha. Yes. Three. I’ll have to show you all next time. But yes. So just sayn’: self control of steel. Now I’ll show you my dress.

Close up of bodice

Ready for the final total? *drum roll please*

Dum-dada-dumm!!! Four dollars. Yep! Two of my other, more casual dresses actually cost more. But this one was four. Half off.

Of course, this dress had a few little issues. Like the dry cleaning costs a BUNDLE. And the back was not happening.

Two words: nuh uh.

So what I did to fix this was I bought a tube top. They’re like four dollars (ha, the same amount as the dress, how messed up does that sound?) and it’s like a tight, strapless camisole. I got a white one to wear underneath. And it really didn’t look tacky at all. Too bad I didn’t get a picture. But it went about up to my armpits to cover half of my back. Problem solved.

So, I have to give a shout out to my mother. She almost literally put blood, sweat, and tears into this dress. We walked from our new house to the cleaners (convenient, ain’t it?), and she actually paid for it. Then she went to the florist twice for me to find that button-flower thing the girl’s supposed to get the guy. (The reason I couldn’t get one is a long story, don’t even ask.) Then, she helped me curl my hair, even though I didn’t have any mouse to hold it with, so we hair sprayed the heck out of it. And THEN, just when we thought we were done, she was trying to pin the back of the dress for me, to keep it from poofing out awkwardly and pricked her finger! She bled all over the dress. (Okay, okay, one little blot, but still.) But she was able to wipe it off. And everything was just crazy. So thank you, Mother, for not giving up! Haha.

It was a very long day. But I had a great time. And no dress issues, too. =-)

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