Moving and matching

So. Due to . . Circumstances. We’re moving. And, as you can see from my bedroom, it’s still in progress. For that excuse, I haven’t had time to blog. But! I just downloaded the app for my phone! Whooo! So I’ll be able to snap horrible pictures, write short posts to go with them, and post them on the go.

It’s going to be marvelous.

Here’s todays creation. And a little tip to go along with it. This has to do with sleeves. Sleeves, sleeves, sleeves. Those things you wear on your arm (no, not your emotions, sleeves).

The shirt I’m wearing in the picture has sleeves that fan out at the wrist. Like bell bottoms on your arm. Kinda weird. Well, I like the look of them rolled up, and if you’ve ever tried rolling up bell bottoms, you’ll know it tends to be this nasty, baggy, roll-falling-out mess. So here’s what you do. I learned this from rolling sleeves for a Navy uniform. Get the slack from the width of the sleeve and fold it in, toward your wrist. Then, keeping that fold in tact, continue rolling your sleeves up normally, this will tighten the sleeve, and the tighter it is, the more form fitting and neat it looks, and the more likey it is to stay rolled for the rest of the day. And voila!

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