Your new best friend

I’m sure I’ve said this before, and you’re bound to hear it again. What you need when you’re shopping at a thrift store is: imagination. Don’t let the way something looks on the wrack distract you from the beauty within. I say that in a solemn tone for dramatic effect. Pretty smooth, huh?

Take this dress for example. 
If I’m being honest, sure, it’s fat and, frankly, looks like a carpet back with sleeves. The buttons are even falling off (note to self to fix that). But can you see that waist sash I’m holding up? This, dear reader, is any fashion, um, person’s. . fashion-er? Fashionista? Anyway, it’s your new best friend.
So makes sure you think twice if you’re about to turn down a cheap dress from the thrift store just because it’s large. I believe sashes are made for any figure type. If you’re self conscious about a belly bulging, just loosen the sash. Simple as that. This, of course, is assuming you don’t have the luxury of shopping at a thrift store with a dressing room. Usually, you pay a dollar and buy with faith because you have no idea what it’ll look like on you once you get home. 
Main point being: keep an open mind. 
All I did extra was unbutton the top button and tuck it into the sides to create a v-neck look. Oh, and another bonus about this dress: it has pockets! Oh yeah! I love pockets on a dress or hidden inside. I usually complain about the inconvenience of not having pockets (when you’re wearing a dress, your options regarding activities tend to be limited to sitting in a chair and talking. Or complaining. So, a casual chat about “how awkward do you think it would really be to have a pocket hidden in the bodice of a dress like men have pockets hidden in the topcoat of their suits?” can turn out to be quite amusing actually, depending on the right company). 

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