27+ dresses

Contrary to what you may think, I am not dead — or lost in a huge goodwill, still wondering the isles with a blank look on my face. Nah, I’m just busy. Boring story, I know.

Anywho, since it’s summer, and I supposedly have nothing better to do like every other American teenager. I decided to take pictures of my dresses, starting by pulling them all out of my closet and hanging them on the bunk bed.

One of my friends asked me how many dresses I have. I think I counted to about twenty seven, then realized I still had a couple still in the closet. Not to mention, I might’ve lost count somewhere due to easy distraction, so I’m not exactly positive. I guess we’ll figure it out together. Ain’t that exciting?! Hah. Hah. .

Twenty seven sounds like a lot. But they fit in less than a foot of closet space (pic below). I was honestly surprised I had so many and had to recount. My figurin’ is that it’s ’cause the dresses are so thin, as dresses made these days are. Blah. Moving on.

The foot of closet space

I’m not going to smack you over the head with all twenty-seven-ish in one sitting. Partly because I’m not that motivated. And mostly because I know you – or I, at least – would hardly be able to bare twenty-seven in one hit. So every other day I’ll just do one at a time, excepting some dresses that are really easy. In that case, I’ll do a couple dresses.  And yup. It all starts tomorrow. So stay tuned. *suspenseful music plays*

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