Nothing to wear

We recently had some guests over. Guys. And I had absolutely no idea what I was going to wear. It was going to take FOREVER. Well, I thought it would. Something helped me, though.

I had promised a gal friend of mine that I’d send her pictures of my outfits so she could help me decide. This actually helped speed things up.

I didn’t dilly dally because I didn’t want to be sending her a picture every hour. So I quickly changed in and out of outfits and zapped them her way. Also, I found that by taking pictures of outfits, it’s easier to flip through them on my phone as opposed to taking one off, putting one on, etc etc etc. Instead, I could just click back and forth between them until I made up my mind. Time saver kudos!!

Ugh. Did I seriously just say “time saver kudos”? With two exclamation points? Wow.

Anyhow, here’s what I came up with. . . in about fifteen minutes I might add.

The country girl

Oh, so you know, I didn’t just jump into this thing and start throwing on tops. My basic idea was jeans plus something else. It’d have to be modest of course. “Don’t cause your brother to stumble.” And I wanted to be comfortable.

As a hostess, you do not want to have to be tugging your shirt up every thirty seconds. Or checking to see if it needs tugging. Your focus should be on the guests and (this is one of my personal notes) not making a spaz out of yourself.

So, I thought that country girl look would work. I am kinda a country girl. And the shirt is loose but still folds in at the sides and back to show there is a figure in there. So this one was a possibility. Moving on.

Nothing much to this top. (Not that you can see it. It’s so dark.) Button down, purple shirt. I added a black undershirt for a little something extra. For some reason, though, I’m not a fan of showing my arms. This is my thing, I guess. It’s funny, though, because you’d think it’s because I have a large birthmark that stretches from the inside of my left arm to half my back. But I love the birthmark. No, I’m self conscious because I have that fair-skin-curse of the little red bumps that no one knows how to cure. You may have it, you may not. It’s just ugly looking. And. I won’t deny. I’m a girl, so I magnify it’s ugliness to ten-times than what it actually is. Anyway, this is my thing so I work with it and sometimes suck it up.

The smart artist

I stuck with the black undershirt for this next top. Button down, collared, half-sleeve. Hmm. I kinda liked this one. But I thought I’d try one more.

Uber casual

I got this grandma-sweater for Christmas. It’s very something-old-ladies-wear. But it has become my philosophy that if you’re young, you can pull off the old stuff. And it’s true. What I did was match up the grandma blouse with a modern v-neck. And ta-da! I don’t know about you, but this one is my favorite of them all. It might confuse you that I went for the “smart artist” top.

Here’s the reason why: look how low the v-neck goes. I could pull it down from the back, but it’d just slide down again. Modest is hottest. So I went with the “smart artist”, and I have no regrets.

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