Well what do ya know

     As you know, I hadn’t the slightest idea of what to do for Christmas Eve desserts. It was the day before baking that I magically came up with a faint plan.
     You know what? The plan was so faint I don’t even remember what it was. I barely remember anything, actually. So I’ll start by telling you what I made.

    Choco-mint stars, white chocolate bon-bons, classic sugar cookies, two pumpkin pies, and . . . Nope, that was everything. Everything that I made, I mean. My mom made a flan, mini cheesecakes, and a double layer cake (chocolate cake on top, vanilla on the bottom, with dulce de leche filling – I think – and frosted with chocolate. Yep, it was rich and delicious). And if that wasn’t enough, two of the guests brought desserts! One brought an apple bunt cake. And the other brought butterscotch, marshmallow bars, and chocolate covered peanut butter balls (AKA “buck eye-balls.” Call me immature, but I had to have them say the name about three times before I fully understood it. I was surprised at first, like, “gasp! You’re church-going people. How can you use that kind of language?” Then I realized I was the sicko with the problem. Ha, you should’ve heard me though: “ohhhhh. EYE balls. Gooootcha.”)

    Well, what do ya know, everything was great . . . I think. I was so full from dinner that all I had for dessert was a little bit of flan and one of the buck eye-balls. (Hah, hah.) But I heard no complaints! And, of course, I was too distracted to remember pictures. But nothing was truly interesting to look at that you can’t imagine it in your own mind.
     The sugar cookies were shaped like Christmas bells. I piped a yellow outline of vanilla frosting and a green bow on them. Something that was just a perfect “figures you’d make that kind of mistake” was that halfway through baking the bells, I flipped the cookie cutter around and realized they weren’t bells at all. They were tulips! So that’s why I decorated them, to decrease confusion. I tested a couple people too. I asked my brother what the “green” looked like (because to me, it looked like a big, fat, green mistake.), but he said “bows”. And I asked a guest what she thought the cookies were. She focused on them with a confused look on her face. “They’re bells, aren’t they?” Bingo.
     Oh. I also sprinkled green and red sugar crystals on the white chocolate bon bons.
     Oh! I had this awesome idea for the choco-mint stars. I was going to crush up candy canes and sprinkle bits of candy over the cookies to give them a Christmas-y look. What ended up happening, though, was that I got a little too happy with our mallet and made too small of crumbs that it just looked like white stuff on the cookies instead of nice, red and white, candy pieces like I imagined. It was pretty ugly. But I quit while I was ahead and only did a couple cookies that way. Also, the candy cane crumbs kept sticking to my fingers. So when I tried to pinch a bit to sprinkle it on the cookies, nothing was sprinkled because they wouldn’t rub off. It was strange.
     But anywho, everything went really well! I had a great time, and I think the guests did too. Score!

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