Lights! Camera!

This Sunday is the performance for the Christmas musical I’m in. It’s based in the modern day era, which means: I have to come up with my own costume.

My director gave everyone a note: “bring your costume to have it checked. Street clothes, like what you would wear to the mall.”

I hardly go to the mall. But I understood “street clothes”.

Something I needed to keep in mind while picking the outfit was that I’m also a dancer. So I needed to find something I could move in, and look normal at the same time.

I started with the black capris I had been wearing to rehearsals. . They looked pretty normal. Then I tried on my aqua, half-sleeve V-neck. . . And just for the heck of it, buttoned on a black vest too. Ah-ha! Eureka.

Why do people like making the fishy face?
Looks like you’re eating something sour.

A little detail that I didn’t like (perfectionist) was that the vest wasn’t a solid black. It’s a dark gray with a pattern of tiny black squares. But you can’t tell in the picture (I really need to start using my camera instead of my phone.) So I don’t think you can tell on stage either.

For shoes, I was going to wear black. Too much black. So I put on white granny’s instead (I call them “granny’s”. What’s the real name?). And to tie the white in with the rest of my outfit, I put on a white headband.

Next, I blasted the music and started busting moves to see if everything looked good and didn’t sag or ride up anywhere.

Wow, I look really mini in this pic.

Looked pretty darn good! I raised my arms, bent in every possible direction, bowed, twisted. Yup. I think this outfit would do the trick. Wow, that was easier than I thought.

Yeah, I forgot to look up.
Fun fact: if you flip between these two
pictures fast enough, it looks like I’m
blinking. . Or deranged

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