I’m thankful for. .

During the holidays, I like to dress with the season’s colors. Fall colors for Thanksgiving, red and green during Christmas, green on Saint Patrick’s, etc etc.
My basic idea was to wear my long, wonderfully flowy, floral skirt. And maybe my green cardigan and heels.
It was lucky I had this basic idea, too, because I had no time to experiment when the time to get dressed finally came around. I had spent all morning cleaning and organizing the house . . which was an interesting outfit in itself. Me, walking around in torn jeans (note: if you buy jeans from goodwill, try to refrain from pulling them up by the belt loops. I’ve ripped several jeans doing that), a stained T-shirt, red XXL sweater, and a orange handkerchief covering my hair. Yup. It was a sight to see. But it’s my comfy, it-doesn’t-matter-if-I-crawl-in-a-drain-pipe-wearing-this outfit. So it was all good, at the time.

But I had to change before the guests arrived for Thanksgiving dinner, so I ran to my room to get ready.

The first thing I did . . . was brush my hair. (Haha, betcha didn’t see that one coming, huh?) Then I pulled on my skirt and a green-brown v-neck. Eh, it was okay. I was freezing without my XXL sweater, though, so I put on the cardigan. At first, it didn’t seem to match the rest of the outfit, but I think I stared at it for so long that it grew on me. Then again, I guess anything will grow on you when you’re rushing.

Amazing. The room is clean!

I have to say something: I love cardigans. I just do. Though, this particular one was from Target, not a thrift store. I was in a 60s musical and all us girls had to buy the same sweater. Actually, I think that cardigan is the most expensive article my closet possesses.

To end the look, I attempted to fluff my hair, which didn’t work, so I pinned the side of it up with a bobby pin, slipped on my brown heels, and was ready. If I didn’t have to brush my hair at first, it probably would’ve taken me about two minutes. That has to be a record.

On a random note: I’ve started sketching outfit designs. Here’s one of my thanksgiving ensemble that I started this morning but couldn’t finish because I didn’t have the right colors. What do you think?

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