"Bras & Broomsticks" – By Sarah Mlynowski

       “Bras & Broomsticks.” If the cover doesn’t catch your attention, the title will.
       The story is about Rachel, a freshmen in highschool who’s busy trying to achieve her goal of making it in the A-list crowd, snagging a hot boyfriend, and getting her BFF back when she finds out her little sister, Miri, is a witch.

      Getting over the fact that Rachel seems to have missed the magical gene, she decides to convince Miri (who isn’t supposed to use magic yet) to poof her into the cool group — that is, as long as mom (who’s a witch too) doesn’t find out. And then comes the little problem of STBSM (or “soon to be step-monster”), STB for short. STB hasto go. Dad has to realize what a horrible person STB is and call off the wedding before it’s too late.

      With Miri and her spell book and Rachel’s math skills, they have to split dad and STB up, get someone (maybe Raf) to invite Rachel to the spring dance, and all without messing up too badly. .

        “Bras & Broomsticks” is a funny, lighthearted story about a girl who realizes what is most important in life, and how it doesn’t has anything to do with her cup size.

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