"A Walk To Remember" – By Nicholas Sparks

    I really thought I had written about this book already. But there are no traces of it anywhere. Twilight Zone moment. . Doo-dee-dee-doo. . .

    I had to finished this book before I could do anything. It was that good. It’s an adorable and touching story that stays with you and makes you think about the quality and importance of your life. That’s what got me the most. I’m a Christian, and I want people to think of me like they did of Jamie. They thought she was weird because of her faith, they thought she was annoying because of her kindness, and none of that stopped her, she kept on being herself. I love that.

    If you haven’t watched the movie, which I did before reading the book (that didn’t ruin it for me so you know), the story is about Landon Carter, the bad boy in town who somehow finds himself falling for Jamie Sullivan, the pastor’s daughter (uh oh). Jamie changes him in ways he never thought possible, and he learns something, about himself. And about Jamie.

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