Wearing A Leotard To Church

How do you get a leotard and a dress and make an outfit?

Layers! Hip hip? Hurray! I’m a fond believer of layers. (Something my mom doesn’t appreciate, since it means double the load of laundry. . *cough*) But you can do anything with layers. Observe.

I’ve had this leotard since I was eight. Eight. That’s eight years ago. . and I still fit in it. Is being petite a blessing or a curse?

Something about fashion that I don’t think people realize is that you have to know your body. God made everyone different. (I say that like you haven’t heard it before.) So since everyone’s different, don’t shut your eyes and buy an outfit because it looks good on the mannequin.

There’s a great big chance that it won’t look good on you.

No, that’s not a harsh statement. It’s honest. Don’t cheat yourself. Try things on, stand in front of a mirror. And open your eyes.

I’ll use myself as an example. I’m petite, right? Which means my legs are short, and I don’t have much of a chest. . or much of anything for that matter. And that’s okay. See where I’m going with this? Find what you have to work with, and work with it. Fashion is supposed to be unique. That’s why God gave you a unique body, so you don’t cheat and use someone else’s fashion. Which doesn’t always work. Like I said, it might look good on them, but it might not look good on you. Plain and simple. But it’s still not the end of the world.
Okay, sorry. Got carried away. Back to my outfit from today.

Throughout the week, my usual theme of clothing choice is basically a pair of jeans and a shirt. So I like to dress up for Sunday morning service. A girl likes to look nice every now and then.

Excuse the messy room. . .
I started off by wearing my leotard under the dress (a hand-me-down). It looked good – on the top half. But the dress was too short. I don’t go for the night-gown/T-shirt-dress look. Especially for church.
Praise God for nylons
I’ve found that wearing leggings or colored nylons distracts from the fact that a dress is short. It’s also more modest-looking than going bear legged. Not to mention, it gives you a little more coverage to keep you warm from the cold. And if that’s not enough! Nylons generally go up to your belly button, which helps kind of smooth out any extra belly you may have.
I have gray and black colored nylons. Gray would’ve looked nice with the navy blue dress anyway. But there would be too many colors when added with the black leo underneath. So I chose black. Like I said, everyone has their own style and opinions. Mine is to try to keep it all in the same color scheme. The black nylons matched the black leo.
I hit a problem at one point.
The tear
One of the corners of my dress was ripping away from the seams. I’ve been meaning to fix that. But instead I got a safety pin (everyone’s best friend), and after noticing that it looks REALLY tacky to have the safety pin in plain sight (I want people to be surprised when I tell them my outfits are second hand. Not go, “ohhh. That explains it.”), I poked the safety pin out, from inside the leo and pinched the dress together on the outside so that only a little of the metal was showing, and it was all held in place.
The fix. Pretty good, eh?
 To get my hair out of the way while I pinned, I tied it in a high bun. Which – surprisingly – look pretty good, so I just left it, grabbed my coat and gloves (99 cents store), and was ready for church.
Cool gloves
Final product

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