"The Bermudez Triangle" – By Maureen Johnson

     I didn’t finish this book, either. But for a better reason than before. It went against my morals. Note to self: just because you liked a couple of an author’s books, doesn’t make all of them wonderful. This was fifty cents of hard earned cash down the drain. For a stupid reason too. If I had only read the back cover, I would’ve seen it coming. But I bought it in a cloud of bargain-happy blindness and didn’t stop to even examine it a little. Bad idea.

     Here’s how the last paragraph on the back cover reads: “At least she’ll soon be reunited with Mel and Avery. But Nina isn’t the only one whose life was turned upside down in ten weeks. While Nina was gone, Mel had her first real kiss. With Avery.”

     Whoa, whoa, whoa. Say what? Why the heck would I want to read a story about this? I don’t. No, thank you. Maureen Johnson, you’re starting to lose me.

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