"Picture Perfect" – By Catherine Clark

     Super cute book! (Yelk, that sentence sounds a little too girly for my tastes. But still.) Cute book. Some of the reviews on it say stuff like, “great summer read” and whatnot. Generally, I don’t believe them, but after reading it, I have to agree. It is a great summer read; pleasant, cute, not too serious, but fun.

     The story is about Emily, who every few years goes with her family to her dad’s college reunion vacation. While “the guys” (dads) reminisce about the good ol’ college days, Emily usually hangs with the sons and daughters of the college crew. It had been a long time since she’d seen any of them. And at the look at the good-looking guy that used to be wimpy little Adam, she wonders how everyone else has changed. And if Spencer still remembers the embarrassing declaration of her love from two years back — ugh, she hopes not. He turned into an arrogant smart-alack anyway, so who cares what he thinks.
     When Heather suggests that she and Emily have a “summer fling”, Emily is a little hesitant at first, but agrees, having already set her sights for Blake, the guy next store. But how is she ever going to have a summer fling with Adam and Spencer following them around everywhere? And why does Spencer always come at the most inopportune times and ruin her moments with Blake? It’s like he’s set on making her vacation miserable. But Emily has already decided: her last summer before going to college is going to be great. Or, should I say, picture perfect.

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