The Day Of Trial — Part #1


          I believe every sane person goes through these moments in their life when they think they’re crazy. Well, I had that moment around Wednesday afternoon, when I realized that I should have been done with my baking for Thursday, and I hadn’t even begun.

         Can you say “whoopsie” in french?

         Maybe I should get a calendar or something because I lost track of the dates AGAIN, and guess what? Magically, it was Thursday morning, and my brother’s guests were expected at six o’clock. Perfect.

         After scarfing down two slices of buttered toast and a gulp of iced tea for breakfast, I made a strategic mental list of the dessert-baking sequence:
– Chocolate and white chocolate bon-bons (they need to be refrigerated after, to set the chocolate)
– Choco-mint stars first (because they have to be refrigerated before baking)
– and Funfetti cookies (no refrigeration needed, in case you were wondering)

         Also, I was this close to making yet another batch of cookies. Good thing I didn’t. See, originally, I was expecting to have five guys to feed, but two couldn’t come. A group of five shrunk to three is a big difference. You know what I mean if you’ve ever cooked for teenage boys. Anyway, I started with the choco-mint stars.

         Just like last time, my dishes had flowed over to my brother’s day. I had to do them all; mine AND his. Ugh.
         I was once asked if I rather wash dishes or do hair. In my ignorance, I picked dishes. And it was the honest to goodness truth. I stink at hair. But that didn’ mean I liked doing dishes for actual fun! (I needed to clear this up. Seems that dreaded comment has cursed me.)

         While collecting the ingredients for the bon-bons, I thought that it’d be a good idea (not to mention, great time saver) if I were to start melting the chocolate beforehand. That way, by the time I was done with all the prep, the chocolate would be ready. Now I’m thinking ahead! Then, I realized that I forgot to buy meltable chocolate.
        “That’s fine,” you might think, “you have two chocolates to melt. Just start with the other one.” But I didn’t have enough of either. I only had about a tablespoon, tops, of milk chocolate and my white chocolate was practically gone. So I texted my mom, asking her to buy my missing chocolate, and moved to the second dessert on my still-strategic list.
        I didn’t have much of a problem making the dough for the mint stars. Cream butter and sugar, yada-yada, add mint, bla-bla-bla, and I’m done. Shape into two balls and stick in fridge.

        By some wonderful luck, I bought a Pillsbury cookbook for ten CENTS at the library one day. Is it the best buy ever? Heck yes. In it was the recipe for their funfetti cookies. Usually, you find this recipe on the box of the funfetti cake mix. But we had some sort of Betty Crocker “candy bite something-or-other” cake. Same thing. The sprinkles are just smaller (and there’s about 1.14oz less mix than in the Pillsbury box, but no biggie). So I used that. To flatten the balls of dough on the cookie sheet, I had to use my fingers, though, because all the glass cups were dirty. But I found that smacking the balls a million times with three fingers worked just as well. And while those were baking, I started on the dishes.
         I didn’t get very far.
         By the time I was done with the smaller plates (about five), the oven rang. I put the cookies on the cooling rack, added more dough balls, flattened them, and put the tray in the oven. Then my mom showed up with the chocolate. Oh darn. I guess I’ll have to finish the dishes later.
         I started with the chocolate bon-bons. Took me forever, like it usually does. But this time mom helped me scrape the cream from the cookies. Which helped a bit. But the cookie crumbs and cream cheese were refusing to cooperate by mixing together in the bowl. Which slowed me down a lot. Finally, there were no white spots left and the whole thing was greasy crumbs. I checked the chocolate.

         Mom had bought some sort of cheapo chocolate chips. When I had first put them in my chocolate melter, they seemed to be melting, except for a couple lumps. But I figured that after a little while longer on the MELT setting, it’d smooth out. . Yeah, I was wrong. The chocolate seemed to be baking to the bottom of the pot. It looked like chocolate icing that was left outside for so long that it crusted over. It was just thick and disgusting. I couldn’t even roll the chocolate balls in the stuff, let alone dip. But! Google comes in handy, folks. I used my cell phone to google how to thin chocolate. And funny enough, I got the answer from Yahoo!: use canola oil. Canola oil, eh? Go figure, we had a massive jug of canola oil in the pantry. So I took moms little oil pitcher and filled it to the brim (later, I found that was a bad idea because the little pitcher is for her salad dressing OLIVE oil. Not canola. Heh. I didn’t get as bad a scolding for this as I expected, though). But hey, you know that stuff actually works! After a few splashes of oil, the chocolate thinned. It still had the lumps in it, but it was way better than before. Yep, things were going smoothly again. Then I looked at the clock, I was going to be late for a music lesson. Ugh.
         The desserts would have to wait.
(To be coninued . . .)

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