A new saying

      I would like to propose a new saying into the writers’ world. I call it writer’s disgust. “Pray tell, what does it mean?” I’m glad you asked.
      For the fun of it, I’ll tell you what it doesn’t mean first. Yeah well, because I can, and it’s fun to keep you in suspense. It doesn’t mean that writers make me nauseous (even though that would be an interesting case to see on a “House” episode). And it doesn’t mean that all writers in the world have agreed to hate on this one thing. That’s about it.

      Do you know what writer’s block is? I’ve always taken it as that time in a writer’s life when they can’t think of anything to write about, and thus are unable to write about anything. Am I right? (If I’m not, quick! Tell me, so I can delete this post and no one will know how greatly I messed up. For now, I’ll pretend that I’m right.)
     Since I always have something to write about, I never get writer’s block. Even when I’m writing something, I’m thinking of ideas for the next thing to write. So, obviously, I don’t suffer from it. Nope. I have a different problem: writer’s disgust.
      While writing about these oh-so-many topics I have buzzing about my brain, I’ll read over them and bore myself to death. Not that the topic’s boring, but the way I’m writing is boring. I’m disgusted at my own style! What does that mean?  . . . Well, I don’t know. I’m writing about it to see if I can get over it, don’t know if it’s really working, though. Hmm. Anyway, for now, just remember: “writer’s disgust” the new saying.

One thought on “A new saying

  1. Yea, I've never had “writer's block” either, but I get tired of writing the same thing. Or, at least, it seems like the same thing. Millions of ways to play out the story, but the SAME STORY. Then, someone finds your story and reads it, is enthralled, and asks for more. That's always encouraging! ;}


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