My Payment To Society . . . Sort Of

      So . . . here’s the deal. (More like dilemma.) My library card is blocked. Yep, you heard me, blocked. “What happened?” You might ask.
      We left for a week, and I took my books with me, thinking everything was fine and dandy. The Saturday after we come back is when the books are due, so everything will work out. Well, imagine my surprise when I drop the books in the book drop, pick out some more, try to use the self check-out, and a huge red “X” flashes on the screen. The books were due the Saturday before, not after. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I checked out about eight different items. Eight-ish that were due for seven days. Needless to say, the Library is making a nice little profit from my stupidity. (All honesty, they probably don’t care, but I sure as heck do.) I don’t get allowance. The only time I make money is when something needs to be cleaned, or someone doesn’t want to do something. And my mom pays in quarters! Anyway, I’ll stop ranting and put my time into more useful things, like trying to find enough jobs to pay off what I owe. Jeez, this is like paying taxes. Grrr.

       You may be wondering, so I’ll mention this. On the blogging standpoint, I do have a nice stash of books and so does my mom. So blogging shouldn’t be completely dry, it’ll just be slower. You have to account for the time I’ll be working my rear off, instead of reading.

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