"Key To The Golden Firebird" – By Maureen Johnson

       Not one of the best of Maureen Johnson’s work, in my opinion. (Ha, that’s a stupid comment since everything I write is in my opinion.)
       When their Dad dies, the Sparks sisters, Brooks, May, and Palmer are left with a big hole in their life. Brooks tries to fill this whole with drinking and guys, May buries herself in responsibilities, and Palmer sinks into softball and competitions. But they soon find out that none of these will help fill in the dark spaces.
         It’s a story about love, family, and the strength of sisters, which, don’t get me wrong, are all great things, but the way the book was put together isn’t my cup of tea.
          There was just a constant, empty “they’re still being stupid and rebellious” feel taking up 3/4th of the whole book. I was beginning to get sick of them messing up. When are they going to snap back into reality?!
           Maybe it’s just my way of thinking. That’s just how I felt. Maureen Johnson is still a great author, but this book had more potential in what it could’ve been.

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